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Modern-day revisionism is not exclusive to 26-county political parties

Jim Gibney’s article (January 2) on the first action in the War of Independence in January 1919 and the revisionism surrounding it, while grounded in error and laced with irony, was particularly topical although absolutely no one familiar with the area would ever associate Soloheadbeg with Clonmel; it would be akin to referencing Bellaghy from Coleraine, Clonoe from Omagh or Camlough from Craigavon.

Awareness raising key to protection of children and young people

Christmas is usually a happy time for children and families.  However, for a small number of girls in our society the holidays present a time of vulnerability and greater risk of harm with the threat of being taken abroad to undergo female genital mutilation. (FGM).  

Attitudinal shift required by some Irish motorists towards our cyclists

I admit to being slightly biased but I can’t think of a better mode of transport, pastime, leisure activity or sport than cycling. Individually and societally, it ticks many boxes for positive outcomes. Improving physical and mental health, reducing pressure on the health service, easing city congestion and benefiting our environment are among those positives.

Captain May’s HMS Brexit-means-Brexit sailing around in perpetual circles

And so, Captain Wobbly May wobbles on for a while yet. Badly holed below the water line, her ship miraculously remains afloat – just. Directionless and running out of steam, afflicted with a mutinous motley crew, HMS Brexit-means-Brexit sails around in perpetual circles and, with each successive EU rebuff, it cuts an increasingly sorry sight. 

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