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Letters to the editor: Has DUP a veto on democracy?

Has DUP veto on democracy?

Please forgive my confusion but when a British decision ignores the majority of the electorate in the six counties and has no cross-community support that is a democratic decision fully supported by the DUP.

When the UK appears to be about to reach a decision to the greater benefit of the population of the UK particularly NI in agreement with the EU which has the support of the majority of the electorate in the six counties, has the support of all NI parties except the DUP and Unionist parties, it is not democratic and breaks the Good Friday Agreement because of a lack of cross community support then it is not a democratic decision because the DUP doesn’t support it.

Is a decision democratic only when it has DUP support and not democratic when it doesn’t have DUP support? Does it only threaten the GFA if it doesn’t have unionist support but has no impact if the decision has no nationalist support.

The DUP need to grow up and realise that they count for nothing in the politics of the wider UK. That their English friends will use them when it suits and abandon them when it suits.

Jeffrey and the DUP need to realise that the Good Friday Agreement was broken a long time ago simply because the DUP have no interest in cross community support or recognising any nationalist aspiration. Arlene is a bit late to the party in talking about wider community support for the Union when all the DUP’s actions betray her words.

It pains me to think where we might have been had the Official Unionist party had the courage to work with the SDLP for the middle ground

Brian Mullan


Great to see wonderful pro-life turnout

It was marvellous to see so many people in Belfast marching for the lives of the unborn children, the numbers dwarfed those of the counter demonstration.

The great atmosphere and the knowledge of the crisis encouraged conversation among each other.

Many views were aired from new perspectives to those of us not familiar with law and medicine.

Numerous nurses, midwives and doctors wanted it made known that they were here to ‘’care, not kill’

Civil servants talked about financially driven social policy. It costs a government less money to encourage you to kill your baby than it costs to provide maternity care, family allowance, school places, third level education, a job or a home for your child.

We need to be aware of why various politicians have changed their stance on the killing of babies.

It was good to see several members of the DUP there however none of other main parties appeared to be represented. Sinn Féin were present at the counter demonstration.

The cross section of age groups from teenagers, young professionals and families to mature adults proved yet again that we cannot generalise.

Thank you again to all those who took the time to come together and march for their lives.

Eamonn McCorry


Thanks to people of Omagh

To the generous people of Omagh.

On behalf of Aisling Ghéar Theatre Co, I would like to thank everyone who supported us, from both sides of the community, at our Omagh Street Collection on Sept 7, 2019. We raised £205 which will be used to help put on our next show ‘Is Iomaí Rud a Tharla – the story of the Shaw’s Road Gaeltacht’ in autumn this year. A special mention goes to Kevin Goodwin, the Irish Language Officer at Fermanagh & Omagh District Council, we are hugely grateful for all his help.

Carrie Anne McAlonan-McCrudden

General Manager

Aisling Ghéar Theatre Company


'Mother of parliaments' lowest of low

On watching the debate on the second motion for a general election, it really saddens me that the whole decorum of the so called ‘mother of parliaments' has hit the lowest of lows. When we have the prime minister behaving like the clown prince of parliament, when he hints that he would defy the law, where does it leave us, what example does it show?

Good governments and nations are the ones that treat their citizens equally, citizens that need help and receive it.

Children are cherished, pensioners are respected.

What do we have now, a government of the elite, the language of intolerance, laws that we accept only if they suit.

There soon will be an election, the choice will be ours to make.

Will we decide for change?

Will we vote for a government of leadership and vision? Or will we choose the status quo and the old boys club?

Jim Boylan


St Thomas's had more than one headteacher

I refer to the article, “St Thomas’ razed to the ground” – Irish News, August 31, 2019.

The article highlights the names of one of the school’s head-teachers, Michael McLaverty, together with those of poet Seamus Heaney, and footballer Gerry Armstrong; at some length in the case of Heaney.

Nowhere is mention made of Sean McKeown, another of the school’s head-teachers – nor indeed, is reference made to any of his successors in that role. I don’t think it’s an exaggeration to claim that Sean McKeown saw St Thomas’ through its most difficult days, the Troubles of the early1970s. His contribution during that period to the school and to the community at whose heart it lay, will be forever immeasurable.

Sean McKeown retired in 1973; he died in May, 1996. His wife, Mary-Francis, predeceased him in February 1994 – his life-long supporter and his stay during the years of his headship.

Gerard McKeown


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