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Letters to the Editor: No need for Pride parades

Thousands of people turned out in Belfast for the annual Pride parade earlier this month

EARLIER this month in Belfast members of An Garda Siochana and the PSNI in uniform marched in the Gay Pride Parade in Belfast, as did the Taoiseach Leo Varadkar. Surely this was totally wrong for this to happen as our police forces north and south of the border must be seen to be neutral in these kinds of events, be they political etc. 

The only role for them is to police them but not to be involved as this has always been the situation ever since the police and Garda were established. If members of An Garda and PSNI want to be in gay pride or any other parade they should do it in their own time and not in their uniforms.

The same would apply to our taoiseach, Mr Leo Varadkar when he walks in a Gay Pride Parade, he does it as a private citizen and not as the prime minister of the Irish Republic.

I cannot understand why there continues to be Gay Pride Parades in Ireland as after all the Irish citizens who are gay now have full equal rights under Irish and British and European Law in this country and in the EU. So why do the Gay Right people continue when they now have full equal rights under our laws? Is it now time for them to disband their organisation and stop their parades? You never see heterosexual people wanting to parade up and down our streets.

Sligo, Co Sligo


It is time for world to create a plan to make children off limits in war

The letter below was written by a fearless 14-year-old child called Nabila, who has lived in the Za’atari refugee camp for five years after fleeing Syria in 2013. She wants the world to know that it’s time to make children off limits in war.

“MY name is Nabila, I’m 14-years-old and I’m from Syria. I’ve been living in Za’atari refugee camp in Jordan for 5 years. I am courageous, and I want to make my dreams come true.

Life in Syria was scary. Before the crisis, we didn’t live in fear. We used to go out and stay out late. When the war started, we had to hide and stay at home.

Children who have lived in war zones struggle a lot. Children who are exposed to violence usually give up on their dreams.

I have to be self-confident and to keep trying even If I might face some problems. I shouldn’t give up. Whenever I start something, I must finish it. If I ever knock on someone’s door I have to keep trying even if they shut the door the first time.

I wish for all children – whether Syrian or not – to have a place to stay and to have access to education because it is indispensable. I hope all children will reach their goals. I’d like to become a doctor to help wounded people. I also wanted to become a lawyer to defend justice.

If leaders saw what my friends and I were doing to raise awareness, they would be positively influenced. Not only do children learn from adults. Adults also learn from children.

I’m not scared because I’m self-confident. When something bad happens, I take action and keep going, I fix things and try to make them right.

When we see something wrong, we have to stop it.”

I hope Nabila’s letter can help persuade our MP Paul Maskey to take action to change the world for children.

You can contact Save the Children UK at campaigns@savethechildren.org.uk.

Belfast BT12


There is no compassion in abortion for either mother or child

Dr Claire Pierson and Dr Fiona Bloomer blithely trot out some of the abortion industry’s favourite claims in their platform article alleging “Abortion law not protecting women”
(August 19).

Two questionable claims featured in their arguing for the introduction of an extreme abortion regime in the north of Ireland – that abortion is a “human right” and that it is “healthcare” for women.

To attempt to call the deliberate termination of a child a “human right” is monstrous. Both mother and child have the same human rights because both are human albeit at different stages of development.

To pit the rights of the mother against the rights of the child, to the extent that the child is obliterated, vitiates the entire concept of human rights and equality.

Likewise, to call abortion “healthcare” is perverse in the extreme. Healthcare saves and enhances human life. It doesn’t destroy life. Healthcare is the treatment of disease and the alleviation of uffering.

Abortion will never in a million years be healthcare. It will always be the exact opposite of healthcare.

There is no compassion in abortion for either mother or child.

Belfast BT12


Hide the truth is clearly DUP policy

Now we have the ‘leader’ of unionism Arlene Foster stating it’s not in the national interest to see the leaked report into what damage Brexit will cause. It reminds me of what the DUP held back in the RHI scandal. Whatever the truth is it should be revealed to the public – unless it involves the DUP and their policies seems to be the theme of all of it. Hide the truth is clearly DUP policy. Unionism has no leader or leadership and as a unionist it doesn’t say much for our future.

North Belfast


Mindless attack on war graves

The National Graves Association Belfast unreservedly condemns the disgraceful attack on the war graves in Belfast’s City Cemetery. It is an insult to all those men and women who are buried there and have died in conflict. We call upon those responsible to cease these mindless actions immediately. It is vital that respect is given to all those buried in the City Cemetery, regardless of background, creed or culture. This is a place of reflection and should be treated as such.

The National Graves Association Belfast offers sincere condolences to the custodians of these graves.


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