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Letters to the Editor: Sinn Féin has betrayed proclaimation

"Sinn Féin have betrayed the proclamation of 1916"

In the recent local election Sinn Féin declared to the electorate that “this is your chance to assert and demand equality, rights and respect for all citizens”.

Unfortunately Sinn Féin does not extend any rights to the unborn children of Ireland in their support for abortion.

The most fundamental right is the right to life from which all other rights must flow. Sinn Féin have betrayed the proclamation of 1916 which declared that a free and fair society must cherish ‘all of the children of the nation equally’.

Pope Francis has decried abortion as undermining “the foundations of the construction of justice, compromising the proper solution of any other human and social issue”.

Anyone who values and cherishes human life should refrain from giving their vote to a party that endorses abortion.

Crossgar, Co Down


Climate change alarmist propaganda is simply not true

We are constantly being assaulted and blackmailed by the global warming and climate change bandwagon blaming us as humans for the planet’s weather.

Human-caused global warming and climate change alarmist propaganda is simply not true. It is based on untruth to keep public funds pouring into climate science.

Weather temperature patterns on the earth are caused by the sun, not man-made causes such as carbon dioxide. The sea naturally stores and releases vast amounts of carbon dioxide and does no harm whatsoever. Of course the environmental movement have accused other issues in the past as the cause of apocalyptic global warming and climate change such as Freon refrigerator gas, and methane gas from landfill dumps as the cause of ozone hole depletion.

Not much about those culprits these days. Sets of historical core sample and weather balloon data have also shown no direct correlation between man-made activity and increases in temperature or carbon dioxide levels. Special interests in the environmental movement are also anti-industry and relate carbon dioxide to Noah’s Ark weather conditions to suit their case.

Governments need to be sceptical. The earth has been cooling and heating for thousands of years and some scientists believe we are currently going through a cold or cooling period – if our expensive home heating bills are anything to go by. Deserved criticism can also be directed at journalism which gets carried away and overlooks the fact-check to see if claims being made by climate activist police are valid?

Every day a more devastating prediction about the climate is claimed and it’s our fault. The climate today is politicised to an extraordinary level and there are major conflicts of interest.

The global warming and climate change cult, many of them students looking for science and research jobs with a political edge, are out of control and should be challenged. Global warning and climate change scare-mongering is based on science fiction not science fact.

Shanbally, Co Cork


Media has found another bandwagon to showcase agenda

The murder of Lyra McKee was a ghastly, heinous crime an act of such brutal mindlessness that it demanded the subsequent outpouring of grief, anger and a demand for our politicians to get back to doing the jobs we have entrusted them to do that occurred in the ensuing days.

These demands are all laudable and noble but what we appear to be witnessing now through the media’s saturation surrounding the event is a subtle sea change.

Watching Channel 4 coverage at the mural of Lyra just outside the Sunflower Bar reminded me of another tragic event of senseless violence – the UVF attack on that same bar, then known as the Avenue Bar, which left three men dead and six injured in 1988. An event that has conspicuously gone unrecognised and under reported.

Is it because these victims did not have the support of the media? The media has found itself another bandwagon to showcase its own agenda and the death of Ms McKee appears set not as a celebration of her life but an exploitation of her tragic death.

She would by no means be the first person whose untimely death was used as a tool to pursue and promote social and political agendas.
All these deaths and injuries have taken us to where we are today.

All of these people are of equal importance. All of them carrying the same weight of grief to their loved ones left behind. All of them to be treated with a reverence and respect in death that we need to extend to each other in life. That should be their tribute.

Belfast BT15


Republicans will continue to push out boundaries

Maurice Fitzgerald – ‘The more SF pushes red lines the more it will be pushed back’ (May 7) – makes some ‘interesting’ comments in his letter. 

He is dismissive of the Republican stance on, in particular, the right of,as he calls it, ‘gay people’, also of the right to have an Irish language act.

He says in effect, ignore these and all will be well. This was the substance of his letter. And Mr Fitzgerald rationalises his stance by saying that most people disagree [in secret] with homosexuals and who needs a second language anyway as we all speak English.

My take on this letter is that it represents a ‘sliding scale’ school of thought – strip away, ignore areas of contention and there you have it – agreement. 

All there is required is a large measure of denial.

A denial of difference in our society, a denial of human rights, of genuine equality.

If Mr Fitzgerald sees these as bothersome ‘red lines’ there are many others that see them as hallmarks to decency in society.

Yes Mr Fitzgerald, republicans are pushing out the boundaries of society because they need to be pushed. Reductionist thinking such as his is really another way of saying that all one has to do is think what I think and will all agree.

Is that your ‘red line’ Mr Fitzgerald?

Derry City


Unfair air charges

My son, his wife and their two very young children are coming home on a visit from Chicago at the end of July. They are travelling with Aer Lingus which they assumed –  because of their great name –   to be the best family airline. How wrong could they be.

They are being charged $660 per ticket – but that is not their main gripe. They are being charged $540 to check bags and select seats. They are being charged because the babies have to sit with them. Where are the babies supposed to sit?

Newry, Co Down

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