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Misguided missive a lesson in the essence of Zionist logic

Steven Jaffe’s letter (December 24) was a lesson in the essence of Zionist logic. In his misguided missive, Mr Jaffe stated that my claim, that Benjamin Netanyahu was the first Israeli PM to be born in Israel, was ‘simply untrue’. He claimed Yitzchak Rabin, born in Jerusalem, preceded him. Steven Jaffe is wrong. Rabin was born in 1922. The Israeli state did not come into being until 1948. Perhaps Steven Jaffe can explain how Rabin was born in a state that did not exist?

He went on to claim that Israel ‘absorbed’ refugees. He did not state that Israel welcomes only Jews. He failed to justify the expulsion of the indigenous people from Palestine so that aggressive foreigners could establish their supremacist state. Nor did he allow that native Jews lived in peace with their Muslim neighbours across the Islamic world, including in Palestine, until Zionism raised its ugly head and the resultant pogroms on Arabs in Palestine began. Of course, I will condemn any expulsion of Jews from the Arab world, as such actions were unacceptable even if due to Zionist provocations.

Mr Jaffe reminds us of how one million Jews left the former Soviet Union for Israel, but does not validate their perceived right to inhabit land belonging to others, as many of those colonials are currently squatting illegally in East Jerusalem and the occupied West Bank.
Steven Jaffe concludes: ‘And these refugees built the only country in the Middle East described as democratic and free by Freedom House...’ In point of fact, Freedom House is a US government-funded organisation criticised for meddling in the internal affairs of foreign nations.
Israel is neither a country nor democratic. It is an artificially created political entity, and a vile gerrymander, just like the occupied six counties of Ireland. No wonder then that some unionists might support the rogue Zionist state. In any event, Palestinians have nothing to fear from the truth, but Israel has everything to lose. 

Ballynahinch, Co Down  


US constitution is not in favour of having a standing military

I am not sure why President Trump’s decision to pull US forces out of Syria caused such alarm and surprise in Europe. Any casual observer will have noted such promises during Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign – no more pointless foreign wars, mind our own business overseas, etc.

Perhaps it is the keeping of campaign promises that shocks our establishment. Rather than the move itself, politicians keeping promises – surely not? 

Well I suppose Trump was not a politician when he made these promises. American forces are not in Syria legally, they have no UN resolution to be there and have not been invited in by the Syrian government. Unlike the Russians who seem to pass one of these two legality tests being there with Assad’s blessing. So Trump is now complying with international laws broken by his predecessors?

Trump campaigned on upholding the American constitution – a remarkable document condensed to four pages unlike Mrs May’s EU Bill at a whopping 580 pages.
The US constitution stands against the sending of military forces overseas and the forming of entangling military alliances with other nations.

Last time I looked the US had 700 to 800 overseas military bases, the Russians had about 10. The US constitution is not in favour of having a standing military. 

I suppose that is because  a standing army will be looking for a war to legitimise its existence.

The constitution was more about forming militia in times of trouble. 

Hence the second amendment right to hold and bear arms which puzzles  many onlookers,

I thought the liberal establishment would have favoured this move by Trump or perhaps they are afraid this recognises Russia as the regional power in the Middle East as Europe is not up to the job?

As for the thought of an EU army? I don’t know whether to laugh or cry.

Comber, Co Down


Tendentious claims

Liam McConway (Factually incorrect, January 1) writes that “Steven Jaffe (December 24) needs to get some facts right. He states Yitchak

Rabin was the first Israeli-born prime minister. Amazing stuff giving he was born in 1922. The fact is he was born in Palestine long before the land was stolen from the Palestinians by the Zionists.”

Mr Jaffe was commenting on the assertion by Antán O Dála an Rí (December 13) that “Benjamin Netanyahu is the first Israeli PM to be born in Israel”.

I suppose that Mr McConway might technically be correct since the state of Israel only came into existence on May 14 1948 so Benjamin Netanyahu who was born on October 21 1949 qualifies, whereas “Yitzchak Rabin ­ born in Jerusalem [because he] preceded him by more than two decades” does not – but such sophistries are hardly relevant to the actual fact that Israel existed many millennia earlier, at least in geographical terms, and Palestine has never existed as a state.

Antán O Dála an Rí made much play of the fact that many of the early Zionists were foreign nationals who emigrated to Palestine from Eastern Europe.

In reality, this is equally true of many of the Arab inhabitants whose very names betray their ‘foreign origin’. It is not entirely clear that the Palestinian Arabs are any more indigenous than the Palestinian Jews and their claim to be “an indigenous people displaced by recent colonial immigrants from

Europe” is tendentious.

Salford, England


Expression of thanks for Christmas donations

On behalf of Rosemount House Ltd, a charitable organisation which supports homeless males in their recovery from addictions, we wish to thank all who donated food, clothes and other essential needs not only for our residents but many needy families. For this we are eternally grateful. St Colman’s parishioners (Derriaghy), Department for Communities, Newington Credit Union, Sinead from North Belfast Advice Partnership, John McCormick (Aquinas Football Club), Wesley Stevenson North Down Turkeys, ABC Boxing Club (Shane), Sarah B, The West Duncairn Gardens, local food stores – Tesco, Lidl, KFC, Musgrave Cash and Carry, Co-op, outreach teams, St Patrick’s Soup Kitchen, Hope, Haven, Westcourt Centre, St Mary’s Grammar School, Glen Road, Cross and Passion sisters (Sr Therese O’Regan), pupils and teachers from Stoke, England, J B Kennedy accountant, Clarke’s Fruit & Veg Springfield Road, North Belfast News, Helen & staff at Antrim Hospital A&E Dept, Church of the Resurrection SVDP group plus all those who called. Thank you so much you.

Rosemount House

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