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Regardless how Brexit plays out the GFA remains sacrosanct

Theresa May has been on a whirlwind trip visiting regions of the union in an effort to sell her Brexit deal, however, this charm offensive appears to be futile as it looks increasingly unlikely that it will survive the wrath from her own MPs. Jumping upon the bandwagon are the DUP, and in particular Arlene Foster, who with her dreary rhetoric labelled her own prime minister and her trip to the north irrelevant accusing her of scraping the bottom of the barrel in order to sell the deal. Mrs Foster speaking pejoratively to those accusing her of taking bribes lamented on how the agreement signed between the two parties in December 2017 was ‘legally binding’ and that May’s deal was a ‘constitutional threat to the union’. The response was curt as she reminded her objectors ‘the British people voted in a referendum for Brexit and this is what she was delivering’. Oddly when it is impressed upon unionists that a majority in the north voted to remain, they dismiss this claiming it was a UK wide vote.

Mrs Foster and her party colleagues must acknowledge that in 1997-1998 the people of Ireland also voted in a referendum to endorse the GFA, a ballot opposed by the DUP who encouraged a ‘no’ vote as it was a ‘threat to the union’. This idle threat was rejected as 697,000 people north of the border or 71 per cent cast a yes vote – exposing the fallacy the DUP represent all in the north – south of the border 1,442,583 people or 94 per cent gave a thumbs up. Included in the Good Friday Agreement is the proviso that ‘constitutional change can only happen when a majority of people agree’, this too is ‘legally binding’; ultimately ratification occurred accordingly the DUP stomped off like petulant children and vowed ‘no surrender’.

Therefore it has to be recognised and accepted that regardless of how Brexit plays out the GFA is sacrosanct, a ‘legally binding agreement’ approved by people of Irish, or if people prefer to label themselves, northern Irish descent. The idiosyncrasies of the Brexit debate are secondary to the wishes of the majority who may in the future choose to have the island of Ireland united and the attitude of the DUP is ensuring this becomes more realistic than ever. Instead of constantly preaching a doomsday scenario they should get with the programme and prepare their electorate for this eventuality.  

Belfast BT1


Some salient facts about those who founded Zionist state

As the BDS campaign against Israel gains further momentum, and as Zionists move desperately to shut down all avenues of legal recourse against Israel, here are a few salient facts about those who founded the Zionist state, and their supposed authority to have done so.

David Ben Gurion, known as the ‘Father of Israel’, was born in Poland and only entered Palestine in 1906 when he was 20 years old. He was the first Israeli PM. Of the approximately 55,000 Jewish people in Palestine at that time, 40,000 were said to have held Russian citizenship.

 Yitzhak Ben-Zvi, founding member of Israel and its second president, was from Ukraine. Ze’ev Jabotinsky, founding member of the Zionist organisation, Irgun, was Russian. Avraham Tehomi, another founder of Irgun, was also Russian. Ya’akov Meridor, yet another Irgun commander, was Polish. Menachim Begin, founder of Likud, sixth PM of Israel and a leader of Irgun was born in Belarus.

Avraham Stern, yet another founder of Irgun and subsequently the breakaway Stern Gang, was born in Poland and entered Palestine aged 18.
In 1941 Stern was known to have petitioned Nazi Germany for weapons to fight the British military in Palestine offering to ‘actively take part in the war on Germany’s side’. He clearly cared little about Nazi persecution and murder of Jewish people and was not alone among Zionists in being prepared to cut deals with the Nazis.

Highly decorated SS officer, Lt Col Otto Skorzeny, was a celebrated Nazi assassin who fled Germany to join the Israelis after WW2, reputedly becoming a hit-man for Mossad.

Benzion Netanyahu, father of the current PM of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu, was born in Warsaw.  Benjamin Netanyahu is the first Israeli PM to be born in Israel.

The state of Israel was the 20th century’s equivalent of the Caliphate of ISIS. It is a state violently founded by foreign nationals, located upon stolen land and secured by an aggressive and continuing policy of ethnic cleansing, as well as the indefensible silence and complicity of western governments.

Israel has no moral or ethical right to exist and continues to steal Palestinian land, Palestinian livelihoods and Palestinian lives.

Newry, Co Down


McElduff candidacy a headache for Mary Lou

Having announced his intention to run for council in May 2019 Barry McElduff is confident his candidacy will be endorsed by the leadership of Sinn Féin. The former MP said he had not been approached by the party leadership to run in next May’s elections in Omagh and that the selection process had been “organic” and “grassrootsy”.

For the 20 years Stormont was running West Tyrone was the only constituency without a minister to deliver on jobs, the economy, education, health care and other quality of life issues. Indifference around selection processes is understandable given the disconnect between politicians and the public. However, the people of Omagh deserve a bit better than ‘it’ll do rightly’ from those seeking a council seat in the town.

In the Republic Sinn Féin leader Mary Lou McDonald will now face questions about how Mr McElduff was able to override party processes, while Micheál Martin moved rapidly to quash the ambition of a Fianna Fáil member for doing likewise in the same contest. Indeed, what is to stop other potential SF candidates announcing themselves randomly in any part of Ireland if a precedent is set in Omagh? 

Mr McElduff has again allowed his ego to set the agenda, creating a headache Sinn Féin in Dublin may not thank him for.

Sixmilecross, Co Tyrone


Profound ignorance

The ongoing debate about Brexit is now getting ugly with the former Tory cabinet minister Priti Patel voicing her warped opinion.

After a leaked UK government report stated there could be food shortages in Ireland in case of a no deal Brexit, Patel commented that warnings should be used to force the Irish government to capitulate on the backstop. Her profound ignorance and insensitivity about our history is greatly insulting. Food shortages in Ireland during the Great Hunger saw the demise of two million people, while our brutal colonisers had an abundance. 

Thankfully, we are now one of the most secure food nations in the world.

Patel is a divisive individual and her time as international development secretary proved extremely controversial. She was responsible for freezing badly needed funding to the well deserving Palestinian people, while on the other hand taking time out to visit Israel and engage in arranging funding for projects in the occupied territories with the Netanyahu government without the approval of the foreign office. This irresponsible act, exposed by the press, resulted in her resignation.

Cricklewood, London

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