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Why are many doubtful about faith experienced in Charismatic movement?

The main point in my last letter (November 13) is in a quotation from Fr R Cantalamessa, the Papal Chaplain “it is possible to have an impersonal knowledge of the person of Christ, a contradiction and a paradox, alas, that is all too common”.

“The living and personal knowledge of Christ only comes as a gift of the Holy Spirit so that we can proclaim that Jesus is Lord of every aspect of our being. There is only one faith, but it comes in two kinds. Faith in the dogmas necessary for salvation, but also in the person of Christ Himself, given by the Holy Spirit.” The second kind of faith is often experienced in Charismatic prayer groups, as I first found at one of their meetings at the age of 40, even though I had been confirmed at the age of six, when we were told that we would claim the gifts of the Spirit. The question then arises as to why Catholics and especially clergy seem to be very doubtful about this anointing by the Holy Spirit in the Charismatic Movement.  

Since my last letter I read an article in the Messenger of St Anthony  about an Amercian lady called Sherry Weddell, and her experiences in her prayer life, which confirm what Fr Cantalamessa says.  Sherry was a Southern Baptist who converted to Catholicism in 1987, and has since been engaged in the ‘New Evangelisation’ to preach the Gospel anew to people of the post-Christian nations of the west. 
She found that Catholics often lack the same personal relationships with God that many Protestants, such as Baptists, prize so greatly.  She is convinced that many Catholics fail to mature beyond a state of spiritual infancy, even though they have Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament. Thus her work is now mainly with Catholics and since 2012 she has published several books on how to develop this personal faith in Church. 
She warns that people who do not have it will cease to be active Catholics and that there is a real danger that much of western Christianity will perish.

The late Karl Rahmen SJ, famous theologian, prophesised that in this millennium Catholics will walk in the Holy Spirit, or they will not walk at all.

Our clergy ,with few exceptions, concentrate entirely on the liturgy in community prayer, and hardly ever in and with a group pray the rosary. Our Lady complained to Lucia of Fatima in the 1970s that many of her priest-sons are the blind leading the blind.  

She said: “Do they not realise that the rosary is deeply liturgical?”  Our Lady is the personal spouse of the Holy Spirit and will bring us to him and Jesus. 
Teenagers and young adults no longer participate in anything which does not attract them so they do not follow in free obedience to priests, parents and old pedagogues such as myself.
Our Lady and the Rosary saved Irish Catholicism in the past when the people were persecuted for many years because of their faith.

Belfast BT9


Encouraged and uplifted by quality of journalism

Journalists are in the news and not for the best reasons. The recent demise of Jamal Khashoggi at the hands of the Saudis and the banning of Jim Acosta (CNN) by the leader of the free world are but the sharpest end of a general, worldwide campaign to stop us getting to know of the darkest deeds perpetuated and orchestrated by the rich and often by political leaders with agendas to which, if we were aware of them, we wouldn’t tolerate never mind support.
At a local level look how the DUP have blanked The Nolan Show ever since he had the gall to shine a light on their RHI shenanigans. His crime, along with the excellent Sam McBride of the News Letter, was to forensically examine the previous day’s activity at the televised enquiry. That it uncovered mind boggling goings on by DUP spads and ministers was hardly
Nolan’s fault. Honest journalism is becoming described as fake news and twitter and Facebook rants are being held as the new truth. That is why I continue to be encouraged and often uplifted by the quality of journalism which is evidenced in The Irish News on a daily basis. All the way from the couple of ‘entertainment offerings’ to the heavier topics, the standard across a handful of journalists is quite remarkably good, in fact excellent, in my opinion.
Long live journalists and God help many of the coming generation, who only read the paper when they drop in to pick up the grand kids.
When the old folk are gone and the grand kids aren’t small anymore where oh where will they get the real story and what about a wake or a funeral you’d need to be at. Ah well.

Randalstown, Co Antrim


Return to old days of denying our identity

The TriBeCa name given to the development area of central Belfast is an admission that we are not good enough. It’s a return to the old days of denying our identity and covering up places and names that belong here and replacing them with imported ones. That we have to borrow terms and names from abroad just like we used to call cinemas and theatres after the Ritz, the Rialto, the  Empire and so on, just to imbue the venues with some kind of international magic dust and glamour is like an act of subjugation. There are great names which belong to this part of Belfast including Hercules Street, Henry Joy McCracken, the Half Bap and more, many of which could have inspired a name rooted here. It’s a concern that while we try to present a strong and confident cultural identity to the world (see Tourism NI, Invest NI) and that we talk up our work ethic, highly educated and qualified population, and generally attractive inward investment credentials, that we lose our bottle at the last hurdle and name a significant development after something which is as connected to Belfast as Jacob Rees Mogg is to Slaughtneil. 

Belfast BT8


Medieval party

Well, well, what a pleasant surprise, suddenly the DUP have become masters in the art of big business and are defying calls from the CBI and heartfelt pleas from successful business men that Theresa May’s Brexit deal is a business constant for Northern Ireland.

Why must the business community defer to this medieval political party who in business affairs have already proven by their incompetent handling of the RHI fiasco that they and their special advisers are not to be trusted to advise on the running of a hoopla stall, never mind the business fraternity of Northern Ireland.

Derry City


Expression  of thanks

Cavaliers In Need would like to thank the people of Belfast for their kind generosity shown at the street collection on Saturday October 26 2018. We raised a fabulous £2,110.16.


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