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Theresa May's trip nothing more than propping up failure

Theresa May hadn’t all her sorrows to seek as prime minister of Britain when it comes to engaging in politics with the north.

From the moment she entered that wonderful pottery in Belleek she was like a rabbit in the headlights hoping someone would dip the lights, listen to her and allow her to escape but it didn’t happen.

The only saving grace, in my opinion, were television pictures of Garda and PSNI officers mingling on the bridge which divides Ireland at this spot on the map.

It seemed as if they were the only presence with a focus on the real world but even they must have felt embarrassed by this circus on non-entities with few places remaining where they can come to with any semblance of credibility or recognition. 

The remainder of her trip was nothing more than the propping up of failure and a total disregard for the seriousness of what she and her fragmented party is planning to do in regard to the fragmentation of life on this island.

Now her entourage of civil servants are on a charm offensive to other European countries to try and sell the latest version of Brexit but like the people of Fermanagh those people are also very well informed and won’t be listening too much to the introverted thoughts coming from the last remnants of an empire which is long gone in terms of world relevance.

Perhaps on reflection those police officers on that bridge in Belleek were sending out a message to our politicians that we should be together, working with a common cause of addressing the issues which affect us day and daily not just in security but in every other aspect
of life. 

If we don’t the men of violence will once again assert their ‘authority’, fill the vacuum and repeat history which failed everyone and benefited
no one. 

SDLP, East Derry


DUP mistakenly believe its wishes will be granted

The DUP leadership and in particular Dodds, Wilson and Donaldson mistakenly believe that the prime minister will grant them all their wishes. She is using them to stay in power. Foster is a lame duck leader and eventually the DUP will dump her. Dodds and Donaldson call the shots, particularly Dodds.
They ignored the fact that the majority of voters in Northern Ireland voted to remain in Europe. The party is split between the Paisleyites  and Dodds faction. Dodds won’t take the leadership while he is an MP in London.
Foster is no longer the darling golden girl. When the RHI inquiry is completed the DUP will look at the current leader and she alone will be held responsible for the decisions taken and her arrogance which was supported by senior party members of not standing aside.

The DUP certainly do not represent progress and they want to cherry pick who are victims.
If victims from the unionist community seeking truth and justice complain about proven collusion in murders between the security forces and paramilitaries. They are ignored and ostracised by the DUP and portrayed as enemies of unionism.
As the father of a murdered son, a victim of collusion, I can honestly say that the DUP, with their greed for power, have themselves betrayed not only unionist victims but all victims. Paisley fell and Foster will be the same. 

Newtownabbey, Co Antrim


Dangerous proposition

Robert Sullivan – ‘Majority not against special measures’ (July 9) –  expresses his support for the ‘special criminal court’ system where a person charged with an offence will have a judge decide his/her fate.

A couple of things occurred to me regarding Mr Sullivan’s letter. He refers to ‘criminals’ being brought to this no jury court. Who needs a court when the likes of Mr Sullivan has already convicted this ‘criminal’? 

His pejorative language continues, stating that “all the leopards have scrubbed out their spots of slightly different hues” And has the temerity to describe this as a democracy. 

Mr Sullivan’s faith in security forces, gardaí in particular, gathering evidence in an ethical and judicial manner is touching. But it does not stand the test of time. Evidence gathering to reinforce a predetermined judgment is (at best) bad practice. Presumption of guilt, which I suspect is not only Mr Sullivan’s condition, is a dangerous proposition and the antithesis of democracy and plain sinister.

Jury duty is an onerous task yet a suspect in a court case can expect a ‘fair hearing’ in the presence of his/her peers.

It is said that it is better for nine guilty to go free than one innocent be jailed. Might be a bitter pill for the likes of Mr Sullivan to swallow, but to me that is justice.

Derry City 


Earth’s kindergarten

As religion has played a big part in our ‘Troubles’ we should always remember that all religions, however divinely inspired, are man-made. Yes, they bring comfort to the bereaved with the promise of eternal life; some are captivated with the ornate rituals others prefer plainness and good preachers. Unfortunately, they also bring division and strife and lack a spirituality that should evolve and not be confined to the dead bones of creeds or theology but the living waters of spiritual wisdom. If science and medicine were at the same level of evolvement they would still be respectfully playing with magnets. We are all on this Earth for a purpose, the seeking of spiritual truth which needs no walls or words to confine our paths to our own spiritual enlightenment. The earth is but a kindergarten for our immortal souls so let us refrain from the childish tantrums but seek atonement or at-one-ment with the one we call God. 

Manorhamilton, Co Letrim


Reporting restrictions

The Twelfth highlighted the dangers that journalists face on this island. Some TV journalists in particular were unable to report on what all the people think of the monstrous conical timber pallet pyres being prepared for bonfires in the weeks prior to the parades in the north.

Film footage showed where even the PSNI had to employ masked workers to demolish one of these timber towers, which also bore certain emblems and posters.

This explains clearly why Irish journalists have to keep a very low profile at these times concerning the north.

However, these television reports should protect these journalists by issuing a prior note, to say that due to safety concerns we have not been able to fully report on this matter, in the same way that they are able to remind viewers that a report may contain flash or strobe lighting.

Sutton, Co Dublin

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Letters to the Editor

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