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Understanding Immaculate Conception helps resolve differences

The idea that original sin is/was a rebellion by a transcendental reaction in the beginning against God’s will that it should be good only caused its fall into finite space-time, a distortion of true reality, can be developed logically so as to resolve certain key differences between the different branches of Christianity.

The universe at its fallen beginning consisted only of matter-energy which is a formless spiritual substance out of which evolved over millions of years individual living forms, plants, animals etc and finally the highest national form which is homo sapiens.
The human soul is purely personal, but the body is both personal and universal as it shares dynamically the whole universe with all other forms.

Original sin blemishes and distorts the whole of creation so all souls and bodies are stained, the only exceptions being the human souls and bodies of the persons of Jesus and Mary.

This leads to the conclusion that transubstantiation of ordinary bread and wine is the invisible change from blemished to immaculate in these substance which are then immediately flesh and blood of Jesus, as shown by the Eucharistic miracles which have occurred over the centuries. This understanding helps to resolve disputes about the Mass and the Eucharist between the reformed church and the Catholic Church.

Since knowing is being in God (Jeremiah:1) the Immaculate conception is from all eternity the unblemished idea of one woman Mary, who is the mother of Jesus. She freely resisted Satan’s temptation to know evil as well as good (Eden in Genesis). The whole of creation accepted the temptation in everything else except the idea of Jesus, divinity united to humanity, who generates and contains the whole of his person.
This understanding of the Immaculate Conception helps to resolve one major difference between the Orthodox churches and the Catholic Church. The Orthodox members have great devotion to Mary as the mother of God, but dislike the 1854 dogma of the Immaculate Conception. They complain that if Mary is made immaculate at her conception in St Anne’s womb she would not have had a free choice, Eve did in Eden, but would have been coerced by the divinity.  As a transcendental living idea Mary had a free choice which was then actualised on earth as a child of St Anne and St Joachim.

The idea of the cosmic logically follows from the suggestion that Jesus as a person generates and contains the whole of creation, which fell from a great unity into a sinful multiplicity and is being redeemed back to an immaculate unity, as Jesus prayed for at the last super. The idea of Jesus as the Divine Humanity was developed by V Solovyov and the theology greatly advanced by Dr S Bulgakov. It may be of great interest to Irish News readers that the Divine Humanity message was inspired independently here in Belfast by the late Carvice Carney, and taught in Rosary prayer groups by Fr Gabriel Harty, OP still living and teaching, aged 96, in Dundalk.

Belfast BT9


‘Medical cannabis’ treatment lacks evidence of efficacy

There are many strains and varieties of Cannabis sativa. Hemp is the variety mostly associated with fabric manufacture whereas marijuana is a variety associated with the relaxed, doe-eyed individuals sitting in a haze of smoke, at one with themselves and their benign world.  This difference is down to the amounts of each of the 70 or so cannabinoids.  Hemp has very little delta 9 tetrahydocannabinol (THC) – the dope molecule – but has a reasonable amount of cannabidiol (CBD). A European directive allows ‘CBD oil’ to be sold on the UK market if classified as a food product but it has no more that 0.2 per cent THC. The cannabis oil confiscated from Mrs Caldwell at Heathrow contained a high percentage of THC – how much is anyone’s guess. 

Mostly anecdotal reports or poorly designed trials are the basis of efficacy claims across a range of conditions.  Cannabis, it seems, has the potential to become the universal panacea.  Remember tobacco and alcohol were lauded for their medicinal value before we came to know better.

For all medical conditions it is fair to say that ‘medical cannabis’ treatment lacks evidence of efficacy and where efficacy has been scientifically demonstrated it is only a weak effect and is generally no better than currently available medicines. Who remembers Lorenzo’s oil or Laeatril [apricot stones] which poisoned Steve McQueen.

An issue seldom considered as we rush into this lucrative market is that of patient safety. Cannabis products containing THC has an impact on the developing and immature brain and is linked to triggering schizophrenia. Yet we have no way of knowing this risk with the information currently available.  

Belfast BT15


Thankful for Alban’s defence of the sanctity of life

Those of us who accept the sanctity of life are thankful to Alban Maginness for his letter (June 22). I would like to add to it and ask pro-abortionists how can they differentiate between a healthy woman  aborting a healthy child in her womb and the Infant Life (Preservation) act of 1929 which could lead to life imprisonment if someone caused the intentional death of the child in the womb by punching, stabbing etc? I fail to see any difference. Surely they are equally horrific.  
The Pope is correct in saying that aborting a child in the womb because it has some defect which makes it not the perfect physical specimen is akin to Nazi eugenics. I realise that the  comparison with Nazis will horrify the trendy liberals who promote abortion but Alban Maginness is correct when he writes ‘abortion is a cruel, inhuman act of violence…the gravest attack on human rights in the world today’. As another life-long reader of The Irish News I again have to echo his disappointment with The Irish News and its pro-abortion advocates…because The Irish News steadfastly defended the right to life of all people during the Troubles’.

Leitir Ceanainn, Tir Chonaill


Thank you William for wonderful memories

I just wanted to take this opportunity to commend the heartfelt and respectful piece that Willis Marshall wrote in The Irish News (July 11) and his description of William Dunlop and how much he was loved by everyone, including those who did not have the opportunity to have met him personally. But as Willis stated, the loss of William is felt by everyone but none more than his family and close friends.

Tragedy has once again visited the Dunlop family, who have brought joy and happiness to so many over the years and have suffered so unfairly in the pursuit of the sport they love.

RIP William and thank you for some wonderful memories.

Caislean Nua, Contae An Dun


Shocked by untimely death

Even those of us who have no interest in motorcycle road racing and have never seen William Dunlop race are saddened and shocked by his tragic untimely death. We learn from the heartfelt tributes being paid to him that he was a private and circumspect young man.

Derry City


Mr Jake you make my day

Thank you Irish News for Mr O’Kane. He never misses with his sense of humour. I just look forward to his column every week. Mr Jake you make my day.

Belfast BT15

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