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Ireland rejoining United Kingdom - 'It worked out so well the last time'

Leo Varadkar was in London today meeting British Prime Minister Theresa May. The possibility of Ireland rejoining the United Kingdom was probably not raised 


Maurice Fitzgerald suggests that Ireland should willingly rejoin the barely united kingdom (Sept 20).

Well, why not? It worked out so well the last time. That is if you ignore the history of famine, genocide, cannon fodder, plantation, mass immigration and cultural suppression.

Still, we should not dismiss it out of hand and I assume that some form of referenda is suggested by Maurice rather than old fashioned conquest. Apart from the more deluded remnants of West Brit-ism I have seen no appetite for a return to such an abusive alliance in the south. Nor is there any sign of a majority wanting to leave the EU.

Nationalists in the north obviously hold similar views which just leaves the Irish unionists. They would see such a move as a disaster given that they would become an instant minority in Ireland and lose something more dear to them than the union with England – they would lose control.

Scotland, Wales and England are unlikely to want or be capable of financially supporting the rest of Ireland in the way they have the north. Being a part of the union has led to the six counties being an economic cripple and it seems reasonable to predict such a fate for the other 26, especially now that the English are hell bent on driving over the Brexit cliff.

It has been said by other contributors to the letters page that Maurice should emigrate to his Shangri-La across the water and this is certainly one solution to his incurable Angloid-ism.

I, for one, would miss him. He seemed to take some previous advice from me when I wrote that he should diversify from his usual anti-Irish drivel and I have to admit to enjoying the letters he produced.

Sadly he can’t help himself and has relapsed back to 1915 when ‘his’ empire was great and the Jackeens held sway in Ireland.

Maurice is an interesting writer and it would be great if he could get over his unrequited love of England and remember that he is Irish and try to love our country instead.

Belfast BT11


Much-talked about border is a British invention

There is a God-made natural border around Ireland – it is called the Irish Sea (not British sea) and Atlantic Ocean. Furthermore every person and vehicle leaving or entering Ireland (all 32 counties) have their name and details noted, be it by sea or air. There is no land bridge from or to Ireland.

The much talked of and fought over border is an artificial, man-made British invention. Indeed at present for all intent and purpose it is just a line on the map put there by a bullying neighbour in their period of empire –  which is thank goodness no longer bar for six counties of Ireland’s 32 and a few rocky outcrops in the Caribbean and the Falklands etc, not overlooking the Chagos Islands from which Britain forcibly evicted its legal residents and gifted it to the US.

We in Ireland have always been protected from outside plagues and diseases by our natural border and as evidenced lately when the Bark beetle was brought in on conifer firewood as this type of pest does not exist in Ireland. This beetle could not make its own way over our natural border but could just hop across our artificial border – a line on a map which is in some cases is a line through Irish fields and farms which must be removed as soon as possible and Ireland returned to its natural and God intended origin of 32 counties, four provinces.

Britain would never accept being divided into two or more by a foreign power, why should we? Or for that matter any country. It was an illegal, immoral wilful act, the sooner remedied the better, where all residents currently here can live in peace and harmony free from outside interference or violence in a 32-county Ireland.

Banbridge, Co Down


Proposal for alternative Irish language act

Sinn Féin are proposing an Irish language act as a ploy to make Irish an official language of Northern Ireland and thus dilute the constitutional Britishness of the Northern Irish statelet and move it closer to the Sinn Féin dream of a socialist united Ireland Republic. This stance is challenged by federalists as it also is by unionists so it hasn’t a snowball’s chance in hell of becoming law here so why pursue it?

As a federalist, not a nationalist or unionist, I can propose an alternative Irish language act which will make the Irish language an official language of the school curriculum in all schools in the statelet of Northern Ireland. Federalism proposes that the act declares that all pupils in schools in Northern Ireland begin learning the language at the age of eight and continue doing so until the age of 14. Those pupils who have not developed a good feeling for the language by 14 can opt out of further study. Those pupils who have developed a good feeling for the language should be encouraged to follow the language to GCSE, O and A-level and to degree level if so inclined.

If the act were to treat the language in that way the language would become cultural, educational and apolitical as it was envisaged by Douglas Hyde but made political by republicans.  

I hope that this proposal for an alternative Irish language act will find favour with our politicians and help hasten their return to Stormont. Ireland and Northern Ireland needs them there.

Kilfennan, Co Derry


Happy to be secure inside EU than out in wilderness

Marcas MacAedha – ‘Glad to be leaving the democratic deficit known as the EU’ (September 11) – conveniently ignores the raison d’etre for the expansion of the EU member states.

These should never be forgotten – firstly to bind the European powers together to prevent destruction and major wars as evidenced and documented in history books. Secondly, to spread the prosperity that peace and trade bring with them.

Then there is the future stability of Europe itself and the capacity to stand up to the clutches of Russia. Putin’s annexation of Crimea is a relevant matter.  
A weakened Europe could be assailed by other ambitious Russian expansion plans ie the Baltic states.

The recent financial crisis was not EU manufactured.  

It emanated in that bastion of capitalism, the US and quickly engulfed world banking and finance markets with toxic debt. That decrepit system and weak international corporate tax law requires urgent review an fundamental change to enhance the prosperity and health of the majority of the world’s citizens.

Marcas is vague and non specific regards “economic benefits which shall accrue”. He is not alone as the leave campaign have yet to provide any evidence for this myth.  It is akin to the fairy tale of an exceptional nation constrained by dastardly rivals.

The little Englanders voted for splendid isolation from continental allies.

The EU model is not perfect but I would rather be secure inside than out in the wilderness.

Craigavon, Co Armagh

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