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Sinn Féin has no working model for achieving united Ireland

Ulster is not saying ‘no’ to the Republic, it is saying no to Sinn Féin and what it believes is their military wing – the IRA. They are the biggest source of division and conflict which statistics prove. 
They claim to want to end partition but have no working model to achieve it. The border bothers them, while it does not affect others in anyway. Sinn Féin deny again and again that they are not the IRA, even though books written by republican leader Gerry Adams document extensive meetings with them.
Yet, Sinn Féin want us to believe that they are an apple and the IRA is a pear? It is important that they see the trust and legitimacy issues they are causing for unionists in ushering a united Ireland. They are tainted with the bloody past which continues to be unearthed, yet we are to believe that they are a unifying source and fit for government. They carry on with false rhetoric to convince the public that they are like any other party. They attach themselves to a litany of public causes to gain popularity and support. However, the only thing they have on their agenda is to live out the long, distant, past in driving out the British.
Things have changed since 1916. It is now 2017 and the British are well regarded as crucial economic partners, not enemies of an empire to be overcome. Lately Gerry Adams has been called ‘a hypocrite’ by the Taoiseach Enda Kenny, when demanding answers to questions from Adams in relation to the Garda McCabe whistleblower controversy. Sinn Féin insist on probity from others as representatives, while they circle the wagons fast when one of their own is on the ropes. They aggressively berate, degrade and demean those who raise any issue of probity regarding Sinn Féin and their very insular organisation. Sinn Féin are 1916 dinosaurs. They are a very significant factor holding up any prospect of united Ireland. They want to force the British out of Northern Ireland. Instead of letting very ordinary people, who have no links with paramilitaries, build a stronger friendship with the people in Northern Ireland, who have no hard views, or want to relive the start of the 20th century. Ordinary people have the only chance of bringing unity to Ireland.
The ordinary people in Northern Ireland have nothing whatsoever to fear from the ordinary people in the Republic. We fully understand the reservations unionists have about dealing with constitutional and legitimacy questions when Sinn Féin are around. Sinn Féin are their own worst enemy and an enemy of a united Ireland. 100 years of their struggle has proven conclusively that Sinn Féin will not bring about a united Ireland. 

Shanbally, Co Cork


Greedy ‘crocodiles’ took pound of flesh and more

The election of 2017 produced a glorious result for nationalists/republicans. The ‘crocodiles’ greedily took their pound of flesh and more as unionists, specifically the DUP, skulked away behind closed doors – apparently that’s how they do business –  to contemplate their disastrous results. They were less than graceful in their defeat and disbelievingly challenged at their opponents overwhelmingly superb victory. As the inquests begin the DUP are searching for answers as to how and why such an affront could occur under their watch. Imperative to this inner soul searching they have to acknowledge the uncomfortable truth that the specious rhetoric pontificated not only by Arlene Foster but by senior figures including their MPs at Westminster did little to convince many of their bona fides as a serious party willing to make legitimate progress while in government. Instead of embracing the concerns voiced by the masses they failed to see the writing on the wall. In so doing they stuck to their own mischievous agenda and now have paid the ultimate price.

Arlene stood in front of the media and said the election was going to be ‘brutal’ – which in hindsight has proved to be curiously prophetic. Unfortunately for her it did not materialise favourably for the DUP. As well as losing stalwarts of the party, some who had been members long before her defection from moderate unionism, she alone can be considered responsible for the resurgence of the nationalist/republican vote. She alone is the cause of her party losing 10 seats which effectively slashed the unionist majority on the hill to a murmuring whisper. The likes which has not been seen in generations of unionism.

Mrs Fosters ill-conceived use of the crocodile metaphor appears the perfect analogy for Sinn Féin. As Arlene reflects on her role in the fall of unionism the nightmare of attacking crocodiles will haunt forever.

Belfast BT1


Star of the Sea marks 150 years of worship

St Mary’s Star of the Sea will be celebrating 150 years of worship on May 12. The church has survived many years of sectarian attacks but stands today on the Shore Road in Whitehouse as a monument to the faith of those who 150 years ago had the foresight to build it. I am hopeful that those who had any association with the Church will join in the Mass of celebration on the evening of May 12 and on May 14 at Songs of Praise in Theatre at the Mill Newtownabbey – this is being held jointly with our neighbouring Whitehouse Presbyterian Church, also celebrating 150 years.

There will be many former parishioners throughout the Belfast area and further afield who will have had association with Star of the Sea. If they have any photos or memorabilia and would like to loan them to an exhibition email them to Whitehouse150exhibition@virginmedia.
A sculpture has been commissioned for the church grounds and this will have 150 stones permanently placed at its base - one for each year. To defray costs we have set up a ‘buy a stone’ campaign and these can be sponsored in individual or family names. For further details contact tony.mcginn@sky.com or the Parish office on 90370845.

Project Manager,
Star of the Sea, Whitehouse


Inconsistent Tories

Theresa May derides the SNP as having ‘tunnel vision’ on independence.

Ironic, given that England’s Conservatives have been obsessing about ‘independence’ from the hated EU for about 40 years. This is glaringly inconsistent given that they simultaneously are trying to get England out of a union they were unable to dominate (that failure explains much of the hatred) while zealously pushing another union (which they dominate) onto their small neighbours.

Trillick, Co Tyrone


Eloquence personified

No doubt Martina Anderson thought her infantile outburst in the European Parliament was eloquence personified and will act as her legacy.  Martina’s tenure as an MEP, like her two unionist bedfellows has been as useful as a fifth wheel on a wagon.

In the canon of political republican ideology a violent expression of feeling such as Martina’s must be detrimental, so expostulation would be a waste of time, as what she has stated must come under the consideration of hot air.

Derry city


Referendum suggestion

I’m sick of the squabbling as to whether or not Scottish people want another independence referendum. Politicians have vested interests and pollsters are frequently wrong. Let’s settle it once and for all (unless circumstances materially change) by holding a referendum to see if Scots want another independence referendum.

Edinburgh, Scotland

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