Letters to the Editor

Thorny issue of tribal politics

WOULD like to comment on Jim Gibney's article (April 15) and his views as regards Margaret Ritchie being elected in South Down with the help of unionists.

If some unionists do vote for Margaret Ritchie so what? Could it be that she is a good representative and looks after all sections of the community?

Brian Feeney has also made references at various times to this unionist vote.

Does this imply that they shouldn't cross the divide and that everyone should stick to their own side of the fence so to speak?

Could this be termed narrow minded, especially as Brian is always telling us about the DUP shortcomings?

Jim Gibney appeals for a tactical vote for North Belfast. Fair enough but how about East Belfast?

Maybe he would appeal to Sinn Féin and the SDLP to consider lending their vote to Naomi Long to give the Alliance candidate a chance. But then Naomi isn't in the green corner.

Tribal politics or what?


Rinn Mhic Giolla Rua, An Dun

Letters to the Editor

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