Letters to the Editor

Factual corrections

MAY I be allowed to correct two matters of fact in the November 13 column by the ever-controversial and readable Newton Emerson?

Firstly, my book Lethal Allies was not, as he called it, a "joint research project" between The Pat Finucane Centre and the HET. Although the book did draw, in part, on HET reports prepared for families bereaved by collusion, the PFC did not even inform the HET in advance that I was writing it, much less work on it alongside them.

Also, by perhaps an accidental confluence of sentences, Newton appeared to imply in the same column that The Pat Finucane Centre is a "republican victims group".

Although there is nothing at all wrong with any group working on behalf of republicans, this description is simply inaccurate in the PFC's case as it does not reflect our mission or the majority of the families with whom we work.

I am grateful for allowing me to make these two small factual corrections.


Pat Finucane Centre Belfast

Letters to the Editor

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