Letters to the Editor

Goals haven't changed since ceasefire

I AGREE with Jim Gibney (August 20) that "combined efforts are needed... to resolve the political impasse". His deeply emotional article recalled the momentous changes we have all been faced with since the ceasefires in 1994. Momentous? Really? My parents, like many others, could not afford to have strong political opinions. They were too busy bringing up a family, going to work every day and worrying about how to get home if the roads were closed.

Of course, like all sane people we were happy when the ceasefires were announced but in reality, very little changed. For thousands of people like us the Troubles were a tragic backdrop against which we tried to carry on a normal.

Our goals did not change after 1994. We got on with it as we have always tried to do. There was unemployment, family illness and bereavement. There were money worries, exams and very little involvement with politicians who appeared to have moved on without us. Let's make sure that this time round the 'combined effort' Jim refers to includes people like me and my family and the thousands of others who just got on with it. Maybe then the results really will be momentous.


Banbridge, Co Down

Letters to the Editor

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