Letters to the Editor

Convoluted state of affairs

THE articles by Newton Emerson and Jim Gibney (march 6) do excite the grey cells.

These writers point up a convoluted state of affairs here. On one hand is the word 'crisis'. Sometimes a word can be overused. Unionists, whether they like it or not, are in the sphere of coming to terms with the real world. The "union has never been safer" bit is unreal in that there is a democratic counter argument, a republican argument. I feel for you but grasp the nettle.

Jim Gibney touches the lodestone of Unionist thinking. Unionists are not at all sure of the union. Somehow unionists were secure when attacked by non-unionists. When that rationale ended - what for unionists? The Westminster setup is disinterested and the Dublin setup does not want to know. The UVF and the UDA can fill that vacuum.

Do unionists want that?

I feel that today's republicans can and do buy into the past - not doing a Pontius Pilate, accepting wrongdoing. These same republicans in my view are not looking for anything more in Ireland than an acceptance of the integrity of their republican stance.


Derry city

Letters to the Editor

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