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Jim's articles becoming so predictable

JIM Gibney's contributions to The Irish News have become as tiresome as they are predictable.

His comments (February 13) on the 25th anniversary of the murder of Pat Finucane are no exception.

This was a brutal act by brutal men who killed many other victims, none of whom however, have been of the same propaganda use to the republican movement.

For them it remains essential to portray Mr Finucane as a crusader for human rights when in reality he was a skilled lawyer whose priority was to act in cases involving members of the Provisional IRA, an organisation many people still think he had links to which went well beyond the obvious family ones which Jim Gibney alludes to. Ed Moloney in his authoritative book Voices From the Grave refers to him as the 'go-to solicitor' of the Provisionals' Belfast Brigade. Other lawyers were murdered during the Troubles, some of them also shot dead in front of their families by the IRA for the heinous crime of not being republicans.

In case the details have slipped Jim Gibney's mind I can provide him with the names or give him the relevant page references from Lost Lives.

Their murders also merit condemnation but when are we going to hear it from Jim Gibney or from those who call for a full inquiry into the Finucane case?

Such an inquiry, if it happens, may of course tell them rather more than they may really want to know.


Edinburgh, Scotland

Letters to the Editor

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