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Families find out hard way HET was waste of time

AS a person who had a relative killed in the Troubles I have only recently read a report produced in 2009 by Professor Patricia Lundy of UUJ on the PsNI's Historical Enquiries Team (HET). I found my way to this report by coincidence after news reports last summer following a damning report on the HET by Her Majesty's Inspectorate of Constabularies (HMIC). Lundy's findings are shocking, exposing all that was wrong with the HET very early on. It should have set alarm bells ringing everywhere but instead a group working with the HET kept many families in the dark about the truth of what was wrong.

Families had a right to know of this report. Sadly they had to find out the hard way that HET was a waste of time. Since the lid has been lifted on the HET I have listened to some of those who encouraged support for the HET now claim that there were some officers who were 'good guys' and had 'integrity'.

If this is the case why then did these HET officers not speak out at any time over the last number of years about the litany of failings including the cover-up of killings by the British army?

If they had 'integrity' why did they remain silent when what the HET was doing was illegal?

why did it take a group of police inspectors from the HMIC to reveal the failings?

Moreover, the findings of Professor Lundy were clear to see for those advocating support for the HET.

Quite apart from the HMIC findings this then raises the obvious question of why families were not told of these failures by those encouraging support for the HET.

These are important questions for families that require airing and answering.

Margaret Burke

Belfast BT15

Letters to the Editor

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