Letters to the Editor

Heaney had no time for the IRA

ON reading Jim Gibney's column, September 12, the thought struck me:

Is there anything that Sinn fein will not lay claim to in their relentless pursuit of public acclamation?

Jim speaks lovingly of Seamus Heaney country and life growing up in a Co Derry landscape before it was blighted by trouble and the affect it had on the boy when he grew to manhood.

It reminded me fondly of growing up in south Armagh during a similar period. But then Jim's narrative took a new direction and he began linking the great and noble Heaney with IRA hunger strikers and their struggle. The difficulty I find with this linkage is that Heaney had little or no time for the IRA or by extension Sinn fein,as he showed Danny Morrison when the latter accosted him on a train to Dublin.

Jim and Sinn fein may want to revise their part in our history but he should not try to claim allegiance with one of Ireland's greatest sons .

Letters to the Editor

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