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Easy to understand Theresa May's strained smile

British prime minister Theresa May must have found it difficult to maintain her standard strained smile as she separately met with the leaders of Sinn Féin and the DUP at Downing Street yesterday.

Construction industry facing challenging times

The news that the Lagan Construction Group has put four of its companies into administration is yet another blow to the Northern Ireland economy and further evidence of the pressures being experienced in this sector.

Welcome move over loyalist bonfires

The acknowledgment by loyalist bonfire builders in Co Tyrone that their actions had not only damaged property but caused considerable stress to householders deserves to be recognised as a significant step.

Time to celebrate Belfast's Dockers Club

Belfast's maritime tradition may not be as prominent as it was in previous decades but the 40th anniversary of the opening of the Dockers Club in the north of the city is still a notable occasion.

The DUP's way of doing business

In the space of less than a week, the Stormont talks process has been surrounded by contrasting periods of considerable optimism, huge anticipation, growing concern and ultimately bitter disappointment.

Taoiseach and prime minister leave empty-handed

When it was announced that Leo Varadkar and Theresa May would be visiting Stormont on Monday, there was a sense of anticipation - fuelled by positive noises the previous Friday - that a deal could be finally in the offing.

Alarm over Lurgan funeral violence

The level of violence which broke out during at a burial at St Colman's Cemetery in Lurgan could only be regarded as highly disturbing.

Fitting tribute to Elle Trowbridge

Co Tyrone woman Mandy Chism has displayed enormous courage by volunteering to help young people manage their own health and wellbeing after losing her own teenage daughter to suicide last year.

Stormont needs credible structures

Although previous speculation about the return of the Stormont power-sharing structures has regularly proved wide of the mark over the last year, there are growing indications that a deal may finally be emerging.

Sinn Féin begins a new chapter

As he prepared to hand over the leadership of Sinn Féin to Mary Lou McDonald today, Gerry Adams was in reflective mood, telling one interviewer that he does not care how history will judge him.

Fears for Tory Island community

The population of Ireland's offshore islands has fallen steadily in the modern era, but for a number of reasons, primarily the determination of the residents, the rate of decline has eased in recent years.

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