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Upgrade needed for Mount Errigal

Mount Errigal in Co Donegal is one of our most celebrated landmarks, featuring in the work of a range of artists and singers and attracting thousands of tourists annually from across Ireland and beyound.

Brexit has changed debate over electoral pacts

By far the best way to resolve the complex debate over electoral pacts would simply involve extending Northern Ireland’s widely accepted proportional representation system to cover not just the European parliament, the Assembly and the district councils, as is already the case, but also Westminster contests.

Appalling toll of death on our roads

This past week has brought the most devastating news for two local families following the tragic deaths of two young men on our roads within a 24 hour period.

West Belfast shooting was a reckless act

It is only by good fortune that a woman and a five-year-old child managed to escape injury after shots were fired at a house in west Belfast on Wednesday night.

Corbyn faces an uphill battle

Theresa May put forward a number of reasons for calling a snap election on June 8, `stability and certainty' chief among them.

Time to protect the Dark Hedges

The atmospheric stretch of road known as the Dark Hedges, outside Ballymoney in Co Antrim, was always a noted tourist attraction and has become internationally celebrated since it featured in the hugely successful Game of Thrones television drama.

Theresa May's cynical move

Politics is often a cynical business but it is difficult to recall a more blatantly opportunistic intervention than the announcement by Theresa May yesterday that she plans to hold a snap UK general election on June 8.

High time for Belfast/Dublin rail upgrade

There will be a very firm welcome for the indication from the Irish foreign affairs minister Charlie Flanagan that the Brexit negotiations could produce a major investment in the Belfast-Dublin train link.

Hopes for peace in republican speech

Stephen Oreilly
IT IS to be hoped that a statement delivered by a spokesman for a dissident-linked group in Belfast during an Easter commemoration event will lead to a move away from violence by one of the organisations up until now engaged in attacks on police and members of the public.

Justice for German murder victim

Stephen Oreilly
THE POLICE yesterday released a strongly-worded appeal for help in solving the murder of a young German girl whose body was discovered in a forest in county Antrim almost 29 years ago.

Afghanistan has been at war too long

Stephen Oreilly
There has been mixed reaction to the news that United States forces used the biggest available bomb in its arsenal to attack what has been described as a network of tunnels used by Islamic State fighters in Afghanistan.

Foster's Irish language move to be welcomed

IN the context of the rhetoric we have come to expect from the DUP when it ventures to offer a view on the Irish language, Arlene Foster's announcement that she intends to meet Gaeilgeoirí is to be welcomed as a positive move.

Pessimism grows at Stormont

There is a growing possibility that our memorable front page picture from yesterday, which showed Stormont’s Great Hall with all the lights on but no one at home, could become a very familiar image indeed.

Tragic cases of Chloe Hutchings and Jamie Burns

While the grave issues associated with drug use have been well documented, there has also been a perception that it is individuals with a lengthy background of addiction who are most at risk.

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