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Pessimism grows at Stormont

There is a growing possibility that our memorable front page picture from yesterday, which showed Stormont’s Great Hall with all the lights on but no one at home, could become a very familiar image indeed.

Tragic cases of Chloe Hutchings and Jamie Burns

While the grave issues associated with drug use have been well documented, there has also been a perception that it is individuals with a lengthy background of addiction who are most at risk.

Deery family vindicated in inquest campaign

Fiona McGarry
The case of Manus Deery, a 15-year-old boy shot dead by a British soldier in 1972, has underlined the importance of holding proper inquests into Troubles-related deaths, regardless of how long ago they occurred.

Relief over Patrick King's recovery

The outcome of cases involving young people who sustain traumatic brain injuries can be completely unpredictable so there will be enormous relief that Co Down teenager Patrick King has made an excellent recovery after his involvement in a cycling accident last month.

Dialogue the only way to end violence

TENSIONS between the western powers and Russia are at an extremely high level following the use of chemical weapons against Syrian civilians and a subsequent airstrike by the United States in response.

Farm accident death is a dreadful tragedy

The death of a four-year-old boy in a farm accident in Maguiresbridge, Co Fermanagh is a dreadful tragedy which has devastated his family and the wider community.

Focus on Russian response following US airstrike

Donald Trump's decision to launch airstrikes against President Assad's forces marks a dramatic change of course from a US leader who had seemed determined not to get drawn into the war in Syria.

Widespread drugs problem needs to be addressed

The recent spate of tragic deaths has underlined once again the scale of the drugs problem in Northern Ireland and the terrible consequences of misusing both illegal and prescription drugs.

Craigavon case exposes unspeakable depravity

Many people will find it difficult to comprehend the unspeakable depravity that took place in an ordinary house in Craigavon or the fact that it continued undetected over an eight year period.

Justice needed for Michaela McAreavey

There will be enormous sympathy for the family of Michaela McAreavey, who travelled back to the scene of her 2011 murder in Mauritius to make an emotional appeal for public help in the stalled investigation.

Arlene Foster's dramatic change in fortunes

All political careers have their ups and downs but Arlene Foster's stands out as a textbook case of a leader achieving stunning success then throwing it away in a matter of months.

Brokenshire should consider outside chair

It can safely be concluded that no other British government minister would want to change places with James Brokenshire, the embattled secretary of state for Northern Ireland who is attempting to start another round of Stormont talks today.

Fears over crucial Daisy Hill services

All the indications are that the growing fears which have been expressed about the future of emergency services at Daisy Hill hospital in Newry are fully justified.

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