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Vile sign mocking Willie Frazer's murdered father is a shameful act

The sign mocking Willie Frazer's murdered father on a Newry anti-internment bonfire is a shameful act which reflects badly on those who were responsible and is unfortunately a further depressing example of the intolerant attitudes that exist in sections of our divided society.

Disabled passenger's airport experience unacceptable

Belfast International Airport has quite properly apologised to a disabled man unable to board a flight because his wheelchair repair kit was regarded as a security risk but this was a situation that should never have happened.

Holidaymakers must take care on balconies

Stephen Oreilly
IT IS perhaps unsurprising to learn that Spanish police in a holiday area have handed out six fines so far this year to people caught jumping from balconies into swimming pools or climbing onto adjacent balconies.

Sex crime figures only part of the story

AT FIRST glance it is disturbing that reports of sex crimes to the PSNI have increased according to the latest annual figures. Rape complaints have gone up by 8 per cent, increasing in actual figures by 71.

Malign influence of paramilitaries needs to be challenged

Forcing people to leave their homes is one of the most insidious tactics used by paramilitary organisations, ensuring that these illegal groups maintain their control in certain districts by deciding who stays and who goes.

Peter Robinson is right to urge a restoration of power-sharing structures

For the second time in two months, former first minister Peter Robinson has spoken out on the future of the power-sharing structures and the possibility of a united Ireland, views that are certainly thought-provoking but not necessarily in tune with the thinking of some of his DUP colleagues.

Breakthrough boosts Billy Caldwell

There will be enormous relief over the intervention by the UK home secretary Sajid Javid yesterday which will allow doctors to prescribe cannabis-derived medicinal products by the autumn.

British/Irish meeting a positive step forward

The British-Irish Intergovernmental Conference, set up under the Good Friday Agreement, met for the first time in a decade yesterday, eighteen months after the collapse of the Stormont executive.

Huge concern over Greek wildfire disaster

There will be enormous concern for the safety of Dublin man Brian O'Callaghan-Westropp, who disappeared after being separated from his wife as they tried to escape from wildfires which have devastated large areas of mainland Greece.

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