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Shared vision needed at Stormont

There are two different issues surrounding the latest development to strain relationships within Stormont at a time when all parties should be pulling in the same direction during the battle against coronavirus.

Stay safe by staying at home this Easter

GardaĆ­ turning holidaymakers away from Co Donegal will rank as one of the more unusual occurrences of the coronavirus outbreak but it is clear these checkpoints are a necessary step.

Holy Week reflection: Bishop John McDowell - Jesus' love for us held him on the Cross

WHAT is it about the man on the Cross that holds our gaze more even than the child in the manger? Why, when all the homilies have been forgotten and physical access to the sacrament of the altar shut off, does our heart rest still in the reality of the Man of Sorrows? Is it the thought of the brutality he suffered? That has been a popular theme with Good Friday preachers.

Arrival of protective equipment welcome news

The arrival of a large quantity of personal protective equipment (PPE) yesterday morning provided some welcome news at the start of what is predicted to be the peak period of the coronavirus outbreak in Northern Ireland.

Appalling upsurge in crime during coronavirus crisis

It almost defies belief that anyone could be prepared to produce a gun and take a human life in north Belfast at a period when the entire community is struggling to cope with the devastating consequences of the coronavirus emergency.

Political focus must be on saving lives

While it was clear there were differences around the executive table over the handling of the coronavirus outbreak, those tensions have now been fully exposed and will cause deep public dismay at what is a time of unprecedented crisis.

Testing of healthcare staff must be addressed

The designation of Belfast City Hospital as the north's first 'Nightingale' facility marks a significant step forward in our local health service's preparations for the expected upsurge in coronavirus cases.

Firm message needed on coronavirus attacks

During this global emergency, we have seen police in Northern Ireland given wide-ranging powers which in any other circumstances would be viewed as highly controversial and unacceptably intrusive.

Heroic health workers must be protected

There will be a clear understanding that the latest stringent regulations in the fight against Covid-19 which were announced firstly by Taoiseach Leo Varadkar and then by the Stormont Executive represent absolutely essential measures which need to be fully respected by the general public across Ireland.