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Anger over Poleglass dissident attack

The explosive device found in west Belfast yesterday was part of an entirely evil attempt to attack police officers which also caused enormous disruption to the lives of ordinary citizens.

Sickening acts of wanton destruction need to stop

The vast majority of people will find it difficult to understand the thinking of those who set out to cause as much damage as possible to property, including a cross-community hub and the gates of a cemetery.

Pope's visit will test political maturity

The vast majority of Irish citizens, from north and south and of all traditions, will take the same strongly positive attitude towards the expected arrival of Pope Francis next year as they did towards the visit of Queen Elizabeth in 2011.

Significant ruling in Hooded Men case

The soldiers and police officers who inflicted an appalling ordeal on the so-called Hooded Men back in 1971 probably regarded themselves as untouchable.

Aging society brings benefits

Our society is changing in front of our eyes, and the most compelling trends are unconnected with our usual obsessions of politics and religion and instead linked directly to our dates of birth.

Extradition issues require resolution

It will be widely noted that a judgment delivered at the High Court in Dublin has for the first time in many years brought the question of extradition to the fore.

Tragic death of Jonathan Ramsey

There will be both enormous regret and significant concern about the circumstances surrounding the sudden death of Co Down teenager Jonathan Ramsey.

Alarm over east Belfast racism

It is profoundly disturbing that three vehicles were targeted through a series of attacks in east Belfast which police have described as `racially motivated hate crimes.

Firm policy needed on provocative symbols

It is essential that both the nationalist and unionist traditions give careful consideration to the display of symbols which are capable of causing offence in our divided society.

Ryan Burnett a worthy champion

World bantamweight champion Ryan Burnett produced a brilliant display to emerge victorious in Ireland's first ever world title unification fight in Belfast at the weekend.

Damaging episode for Donald Trump

President Donald Trump has always insisted that he is a strong defender of the US military and made a point of bringing ex-generals into his administration and lining the Oval Office with flags.

Assembly pay anomalies need to be sorted out

Secretary of state James Brokenshire has indicated that MLA salaries will have to be reviewed if there is no return to Stormont but the ongoing impasse has highlighted deeper issues regarding payments to former and present members of the assembly.

The price of failure in talks could be high

After tentative signs of optimism last week, the mood music from the talks process is decidedly downbeat with the secretary of state yesterday setting a new deadline for a deal.

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