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Relief over Aaron Elliot's recovery

There will be enormous relief that the Tyrone-born GAA player Aaron Elliot has made remarkable progress since he suffered serious head injuries when he was struck by a car in the US.

We need to build on parading progress

This summer was one of the most peaceful in recent years with none of the violence and ratcheting up of tensions that have been a feature of previous marching seasons.

Prayers for Florida

HURRICANE Irma had by last night devastated a number of small islands in the Caribbean, caused severe damage in Cuba and was beginning to make landfall in Florida.

British dismissal of Simon Coveney unhelpful sign

The rather sharp dismissal by the British government of Simon Coveney's statement on the potential difficulties surrounding direct rule was a little surprising and not the most positive sign.

Reforms to family courts a welcome step

We only have to look at our judicial system to see that it is steeped in age-old tradition and formality, the wigs and gowns, rituals and terminology a world away from the modern, digital age.

Restored Stormont needed to tackle serious problems

After a long summer break, the parties should be returning to the talks table refreshed and energised but unfortunately it is more with a sense of weariness and no great optimism that the negotiations resumed at Stormont yesterday.

Stars hit the right note in Donegal

It is clear that many people have experienced considerable and enduring hardship as a result of the serious flooding which took place across Ireland last month, with Co Donegal particularly badly hit.

Irish digital radio out of tune

AS Irish citizens prepare for further chaos over Brexit, they are surely entitled to expect that, at the very least, their radio coverage will remain in place as they go about their business across the island.

Vicious assault on Jason Tuite

It is appalling that 16–year-old Jason Tuite was so brutally assaulted while attending a concert in Belfast that he may lose his sight in one eye.

Climate for Stormont's return yet to be created

While the tone of Arlene Foster’s renewed attempt to facilitate the return of our devolved institutions was generally measured, she must have known in advance that her proposals were not likely to produce any form of breakthrough.

Time to fully respect the Irish language

In many ways, it is a considerable pity that the debate over an Irish language act has become so closely intertwined with the discussions about the restoration of our devolved administration.

Missile crisis needs diplomatic solutions

The day to day issues faced by the rest of the world can only appear fairly minor when compared to the sense of sheer helplessness experienced by the 130 million citizens of Japan as North Korea fired a ballistic missile over their country.

Weather warnings must be heeded

Stephen Oreilly
TEXAS has been and still is suffering from the effects of Hurricane Harvey with thousands of people rescued from floods by the emergency services, homes and hospitals evacuated.

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