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After 50 years, we should be further on in terms of community respect

In this week marking 50 years since the descent into catastrophic violence that would last for decades, it is profoundly depressing to witness the actions of a loyalist flute band and even more so the response from unionist representatives who should be displaying responsible leadership.

Ambulance staff shortages deeply alarming

Last night, for the fourth night running, the Northern Ireland Ambulance Service (NIAS) was forced to deal with staff shortages that have severely impacted on paramedic cover across the north.

Opinion: Lessons of 1969 must not be lost

FEW, if any, of those involved in street disturbances in Belfast and Derry over the past week were born when one of the most disturbing periods in recent history took place 50 years ago in the same two cities.

Bonfire anarchy cannot be repeated

What must be said with certainty is that the appalling scenes witnessed in the New Lodge in recent days and weeks must not be repeated next year when the internment anniversary comes around again.

People must be alert to financial scams

Despite greater awareness, criminals engaged in online, email and telephone scams continue to steal large sums of money from unsuspecting individuals and businesses.

Bonfire lawlessness needs to end

The threat to a family centre and contractors in north Belfast is just the latest example of completely unacceptable behaviour by people with no regard for the law or those living in the vicinity of their bonfire.

Brexit chaos will be with us for a long time

Taoiseach Leo Varadkar, visiting Belfast for the second time in four days, yesterday emphasised an important point that is often overlooked by those content to see a no deal Brexit on October 31, thinking that it will be the end of the matter.

Only fewer guns will mean fewer gun deaths

Stephen Oreilly
THE US suffered its 250th mass shooting at the weekend when nine people were killed by a gunman near a bar in Dayton, Ohio. Sixteen others were injured. The gunman was also killed.

Arson attack could have been deadly

TWO homes were destroyed and two men had lucky escapes in the early hours of yesterday after someone set fire to a sofa which had been left outside one of the houses for collection.

Opinion: Attacks on police hurt everyone

FRIDAY night’s attempt by dissident republicans to murder members of the PSNI was, thankfully, unsuccessful. However, several aspects of this incident give an indication of just how little regard these organisations have for society as a whole.

Julian Smith must convince he is impartial on talks

Freshly appointed secretary of state Julian Smith arrived in Northern Ireland yesterday to meet the political parties and begin work on the many issues that have been left unresolved during Karen Bradley's ill-starred tenure.

New faces in cabinet but same problems remain

Boris Johnson has wasted no time in stamping his mark, sweeping away Theresa May's loyalists and longstanding Tory stalwarts and filling his cabinet with hardline Brexiteers, including some who drove his predecessor from office.