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All eyes on Brexit talks in Brussels

Three different sets of negotiations in separate jurisdictions are scheduled to take place today which will all be followed closely across Ireland, north and south.

Council wrong to facilitate notorious bonfire

The revelation that Belfast City Council is storing pallets to be used for a notorious bonfire close to a busy tourist hotel is yet another sign the authorities are pandering to loyalist groups determined to flex their muscles in local communities.

Preserving The Quiet Man's legacy

The Quiet Man is widely regarded as the most famous and best loved film ever set in Ireland, and, even though its main stars have passed away, it still captivates fans of all ages.

Urgent review needed after London tower block disaster

The horrific blaze which engulfed Grenfell Tower and led to appalling loss of life has caused a deep sense of shock and raises searching questions as to how it is possible for such a disaster to occur in an age of rigorous fire regulations.

New Taoiseach must be fully engaged on north

If we have learned nothing else from the events of recent months, it is that politics is an unpredictable business and no one can claim certainty on the will of the people when they are motivated to come out and vote.

Help needed to solve gruesome Wicklow murder

It is horrifying that gardaĆ­ investigating the murder of a man yesterday found human remains at a fifth separate location in the Wicklow Mountains national park Reports suggested that the latest discovery, made during a massive search operation in one of Ireland's most scenic districts, involved a head in a plastic bag.

Violence at fast food outlets a matter of concern

Violence and anti-social behaviour at pub closing times has long been a recognised problem in many of our city and town centres with the police and licensed premises taking steps to address this issue.

Disgust over racist abuse in Belfast

It is appalling that two 17-year-old girls could be subjected to foul-mouthed and racist abuse by a woman passer-by in the very heart of Belfast city centre.

Theresa May pays the price for reckless election decision

Theresa May's reckless and arrogant decision to call an unnecessary general election showed she had learned absolutely nothing from the downfall of her predecessor, who gambled everything on a referendum on leaving the EU.

Powerful symbolism at Flanders

It was entirely appropriate that the last overseas engagement to be completed by Enda Kenny before he stands down as taoiseach later this month was at the Island of Ireland Peace Park at Flanders in Belgium.

GP crisis needs urgent attention

With the Stormont institutions on ice, the number of issues requiring the attention of a democratically elected and locally accountable executive are starting to pile up.

Response to London attack should not be divisive

Stephen Oreilly
AS WITH the Manchester Arena atrocity stories of personal kindness and bravery are beginning to emerge after the dreadful attack on innocent people in the centre of London on Saturday night.

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