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Full details still needed over cause of Primark fire

There will be relief over yesterday’s final confirmation, after a lengthy investigation, that the massive blaze last August which destroyed Belfast’s landmark Primark store, and caused enormous and prolonged upheaval across the city centre, was started accidentally.

Opinion: Karen Bradley only part of the problem

IN other circumstances, and were a different secretary of state involved, the Northern Ireland Office's decision to cancel last night's drinks reception for MLAs might have proved more embarrassing.

Opinion: Concern over Irish street sign case

While it will always be hard to maintain completely consistent official policies over symbols and emblems, there will be widespread concern over the threat to impose a £2,500 fine on an 85-year-old woman for putting up an Irish language street sign outside her Co Antrim home.

Backstop must stay in place

The DUP MP Jeffrey Donaldson deserves full credit for going to Dublin, addressing the Institute of European Affairs and setting out his thoughts on the Brexit crisis in considerable detail.

Key role for St Comgall's site

The former St Comgall’s primary school in west Belfast occupies a prominent position which in many ways provides a gateway between the city centre and the Falls Road.

Philomena Lynott was a distinguished Dubliner

Philomena Lynott, who died yesterday at the age of 88, may have been best known as the mother of the legendary Thin Lizzy frontman Philip Lynott but she was also a hugely respected entrepreneur and author in her own right.

Concern over rising ATM charges

While there has been concern about the increasingly common policy of charging customers £1 to use cash machines which previously offered free withdrawals, it could be argued that market forces are at work in some districts.

Johnston's legendary car reappears

The song Johnston’s Motor Car was made famous by The Dubliners and is a humorous look at actual events in Donegal during 1921, a particularly tumultuous period in our history.

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