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Lives endangered by lack of investment

While the weather conditions of recent days were amazingly extreme for the time of year, the fact that they had been comprehensively predicted suggests that the level of preparation displayed by the authorities was simply inadequate.

Alarm over sectarian attacks in Derry's Waterside

DERRY is a city where heartening agreements have been made over many years on contentious issues like parading and where a strongly positive example has regularly been given to Belfast and other urban centres in terms of community relations.

Families of Jamie Burns and Darren McCann left devastated

A spate of sudden and unexplained deaths within a matter of days, as well as grim evidence heard by coroners during the same period, has again placed a firm spotlight on the threat presented by both illegal and prescription drugs.

Harold Good's proposal merits serious attention

The proposal from the former Methodist moderator, Rev Harold Good, that a day of acknowledgment should be organised to reflect on the traumatic events of the last five decades has considerable potential.

A Level students have plenty of options

The publication of A Level results is always a significant day in our education system with individual students learning the outcome of years of study.

Another gangland outrage in Dublin

The double murder of mother-of-six Antoinette Corbally (48) and 30-year-old Clinton Shannon represented another appalling example of gangland crime carried out in broad daylight in Dublin.

Border paper offers some clarity but still a long way to go

For Northern Ireland and the Republic, the imposition of any form of border controls or checkpoints would be disastrous, impacting on the free movement of people and goods with the probability of far-reaching political and security repercussions.

Action needed over provocative bonfires

The public burning of flags and emblems in an attempt to insult and provoke different sections of the community has caused widespread concern for some time Both loyalists and republicans have engaged in similarly unacceptable behaviour over recent weeks, with the latest episode involving the placing of poppy wreaths on a bonfire in the Bogside area of Derry.

Boost for Ballycastle camogs

A Dublin sportswear firm's donation of a new set of jerseys to the members of Ballycastle Camogie Club after their old playing gear, together with a range of personal possessions, was stolen from their team bus close to Croke Park, was a welcome gesture.

Latest bonfire threats outrageous

Stephen Oreilly
THE OUTRAGEOUS behaviour of bonfire builders knows no bounds, religious or political, judging by the events of July and August.

Motorbike racer's death a dreadful tragedy

The death of competitor Jamie Hodson at the Ulster Grand Prix is an absolute tragedy which will once again focus attention on the safety of motorbike racing in Northern Ireland.

No excuse for attacks on cars or police

IT IS doubtful if many, indeed any, of those involved in violence in the Markets area of Belfast yesterday were alive at the time internment without trial was introduced by the British government in a disastrous bid to end the then embryonic 'troubles' in 1971.

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