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Ian Paisley must be completely open about Maldives holiday

Only a matter of days after returning from a record suspension from the House of Commons, Ian Paisley once again finds himself under scrutiny over yet another lavish family holiday which he has failed to declare to parliamentary authorities.

Anger over west Belfast alert

It is appalling that hundreds of people were forced out of their homes on the outskirts of west Belfast during cold and wet weather in the run-up to Christmas because of a security alert.

Scale of Muckamore Abbey abuse demands a public inquiry

Although the confidential report into the serious mistreatment of vulnerable patients at Muckamore Abbey hospital in Co Antrim is harrowing in every respect, there will still be concerns that the complete details of the scandal have yet to be revealed.

Theresa May runs out of Brexit options

When Theresa May initially described the decision facing MPs in the much anticipated Westminster vote which had been due to take place later today as `my deal, no deal or no Brexit', she may well have sincerely believed that the first option was still achievable.

Seriously injured victims deserve better

A photographic exhibition featuring ten people severely injured during the years of violence serves as a further reminder of the ongoing suffering endured by so many victims and the disgraceful failure to provide the support they need.

Ian Paisley in no position to lecture others

Ian Paisley had no sooner returned to Westminster after a 30-day suspension for breaching parliamentary rules than he was urging the secretary of state to act on what he considered the most pressing matter of the day.

Keeping death off our roads

Every death on our roads has a range of dreadful repercussions and the circumstances surrounding the funeral of 28-year-old John Gallagher at Killybegs in Co Donegal yesterday were particularly poignant.

Cold-blooded killer of Jim Donegan must be apprehended

The murder of Jim Donegan as he waited to collect his son from school was a crime of the utmost ruthlessness, the type of chilling deed which was all too familiar during the Troubles and which we hoped never to see again.

Deep concern over alcohol related deaths

The new figures showing that deaths due to alcohol abuse across Northern Ireland have jumped by 40 per cent in a period of less than two decades are hugely alarming.

Horrific murder in west Belfast

The fatal shooting on a busy street close to a number of large schools in west Belfast yesterday afternoon was a particularly chilling crime.

High time for action on climate change

There is overwhelming evidence to support the assertion yesterday from the revered naturalist Sir David Attenborough that climate change represents humanity's greatest threat in thousands of years.

Emotional triumph for St Enda's

Most organisations who endured the level of tragedy inflicted on St Enda’s GAC of Glengormley down the years would have long since gone out of existence.

Spotlight on DUP over Stormont talks

When former taoiseach Bertie Ahern suggested at the weekend that the main Stormont parties should start talks early in the new year with a view to restoring our power-sharing structures, it is likely that almost everyone on both sides of our divided society will have agreed with him.

Focus must be on the Brexit deal on offer

With just eleven days left for Theresa May to persuade sufficient numbers of MPs to back her EU withdrawal plan, the consensus seems to be that she faces an uphill battle.

Unacceptable waiting lists need to be tackled

People are entitled to ask, how bad do our waiting lists have to get before radical steps are taken to address this major issue? Once again we are confronted with appalling figures on the length of time patients are being forced to wait for treatment.

Brexit cost shows folly of Leave campaign

What is striking about the various official forecasts issued yesterday is that under any version of Brexit the UK economy would be worse off compared with staying in the EU.

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