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Stakes getting higher in Westminster political drama

Leo Varadkar's description yesterday of the 'volatile and dynamic' situation at Westminster was, if anything, an understatement of the febrile atmosphere in London where the stakes are being raised ever higher as we hurtle towards the October 31 deadline.

Backstop provides essential guarantee during Brexit chaos

All the indications are that we are moving into a defining period during the Brexit crisis, with the motion which the Labour Party is due to publish at Westminster tomorrow perhaps the last chance of avoiding a no deal catastrophe.

Hand of friendship offers Derry hope

During a period when the Brexit crisis has cast an increasingly dark shadow over all parts of Ireland, it is important to recognise the efforts of those who are striving quietly but effectively to reduce tension in key areas.

Brexit chaos for nationalists and unionists

Despite the contrived cheers of a small group of DUP supporters as the result of the 2016 EU referendum was announced at the Titanic Exhibition Centre in Belfast, most ordinary citizens only ever regarded the outcome with grim foreboding.

Boris Johnson gambles with our future

Very few people who have followed the career of Boris Johnson will have been surprised by his enormously hazardous decision yesterday to suspend the Westminster parliament as the Brexit deadline approaches.

Amazon fires must be tackled

Stephen Oreilly
Angela Merkel speaking at the meeting of the G7 leaders yesterday described the Amazon as "the lung of our whole earth" when illustrating just how important the region is to the production of oxygen for the world.

No Brexit breakthrough for Boris Johnson as concerns grow

Boris Johnson's whirlwind visits to Berlin and Paris did not produce any breakthrough although the British government could hardly have expected the major European leaders to agree that the Irish backstop should be abandoned.

Holiday hunger is an indictment of government

The holiday period is drawing to a close, something that is likely to be viewed with relief by those parents who find it a financial strain to feed their children during the long summer break.

After 50 years, we should be further on in terms of community respect

In this week marking 50 years since the descent into catastrophic violence that would last for decades, it is profoundly depressing to witness the actions of a loyalist flute band and even more so the response from unionist representatives who should be displaying responsible leadership.

Ambulance staff shortages deeply alarming

Last night, for the fourth night running, the Northern Ireland Ambulance Service (NIAS) was forced to deal with staff shortages that have severely impacted on paramedic cover across the north.

Opinion: Lessons of 1969 must not be lost

FEW, if any, of those involved in street disturbances in Belfast and Derry over the past week were born when one of the most disturbing periods in recent history took place 50 years ago in the same two cities.

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