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Full restoration of Notre Dame a priority

While it has always been known that, for a variety of reasons, historic buildings can present fire risks, it has taken the appalling level of damage caused to Notre Dame in Paris to demonstrate the full scale of the threat which exists.

Firm US support for the Good Friday Agreement

Among the most ludicrous claims made by prominent figures on the Leave side before and after 2016 Brexit referendum was that the UK was facing a wonderful opportunity to create new trade pacts across the EU and other key regions.

Dramatic comeback by Tiger Woods

The rise and fall of Tiger Woods was one of the most dramatic stories in international sport, as the world’s top golfer endured a prolonged period of personal humiliation and physical trauma.

Oil tank regulations should be reviewed

AT LEAST five people, four of them children, had a lucky escape when their house went up in flames that spread from a blaze at their neighbour’s home.

Action needed on substance, alcohol abuse

A LEADING charity working to help tackle the problems of addiction will today hold a conference marking 40 years in the field and some of the statistics to be highlighted at the event are truly frightening.

ATM thefts must be stopped

Stephen Oreilly
YET another ATM was stolen at the weekend, bringing more warnings that the string of similar thefts is causing serious problems for local businesses and communities.

Defining moment for both May and Corbyn

The intensive Brexit talks between Theresa May and Jeremy Corbyn which stalled on Friday night are likely to provide a defining or perhaps a concluding moment for either or both of their careers.

Derry policing conference deserved support

While enormous progress has been made since the launch of the PSNI in 2001, there will always be a range of matters surrounding policing which require careful consideration and measured dialogue.

Concerns over Bloomfield bonfire still in place

It is depressing that, more than three months ahead of the Twelfth of July period, efforts have already been made to stir up tensions in an area which has been the scene of regular bonfire controversies in recent years.

Timely clampdown on Pregabilin drug

The new legislation which came into force yesterday confirming the notorious prescription drug Pregabalin as a class C controlled substance was fully justified and should arguably have been introduced at a much earlier stage.

Rumblings of Brexit discontent

Stephen Oreilly
WHILE politicians at Westminster continue to be divided over the whole Brexit question it is impossible to say with any certainty what the eventual outcome of this confused and confusing process will be.

Soldier F case needs cool heads

It has been well documented that a former British soldier is to be prosecuted for the murder of two young men and the attempted murder of four others on Bloody Sunday in Derry in 1971.

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