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Scottish bridge project beyond bizarre

It is possible that Leo Varadkar was indulging in some seasonal good humour when he described the unlikely notion of a bridge between Ireland and Scotland as `worth examining', but it was still a highly questionable comment from the taoiseach.

Chief Constable offered images from the past

PSNI chief constable Simon Byrne deserves full credit for sacrificing his family commitments on Christmas morning to visit officers who were on duty at Crossmaglen in Co Armagh.

Knife crime must be tackled

Stephen Oreilly
THE WILLINGNESS of people to use extreme violence against others, for all sorts of reasons, was demonstrated in one particularly nasty incident on Tuesday night.

A restored executive must deliver good governance

The leaders of Ireland's four main Churches have expressed disappointment that it was not possible for devolution to be restored before Christmas but urged the parties to 'go that extra mile.

Stay safe, don't drink and drive

Police have issued a stark warning to motorists ahead of this weekend when many people will be out enjoying Christmas events.

Stormont's problems keep on building

THIS week's talks at Stormont have been given at least the appearance of fresh momentum in response to the public outrage at the crisis in health and social services, with poor general election results concentrating the minds of Sinn Féin and the DUP in particular.

Opinion: Time to restore Assembly

The inter-party talks which are due to commence at Stormont today have taken on immensely more significance in the wake of last week's dramatic UK general election.

Fresh push needed to avert nurse strike

Now that the election is over, it is important we see efforts redoubled to resolve the industrial dispute that is causing so much disruption in our health service.

Education funding needs to be addressed

This is a busy but joyful time in the school calendar as pupils and staff embrace the festive spirit with nativity plays, carol concerts, Christmas fairs and other seasonal events.