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Huge bravery in Donegal rescue

It is clear that only the courage and quick thinking of a passer-by prevented a tragic outcome when two people were left trapped upside down in a car which crashed into a Donegal river.

Common sense approach needed on nurse language tests

It is widely accepted that the health service in Britain and Northern Ireland is struggling to recruit and retain specialist medical and nursing staff leading to gaps in provision and spiralling costs as temporary personnel are employed on a short term basis.

Grim ordeal for Victoria Place residents

AFTER their disturbing experiences of the last few weeks, and in particular over recent days, there can only be enormous sympathy for the residents of the Victoria Place apartment block close to Belfast city centre.

Hoping for a Twelfth that passes without incident

It is notable that the lead up to this year's Twelfth has not been marked by the heightened tensions and threat of violence that have been a feature of recent times and for that we must be thankful.

Deaths of two fishermen an absolute tragedy

The deaths of two men who got into difficulty fishing off the coast of Co Donegal, is an absolute tragedy which should serve as a warning to everyone taking to the water this summer.

Positive developments over bonfires

The approach by the authorities towards the environmental, legal and above all public safety implications of massive and intimidating loyalist bonfires in residential areas has taken a number of twists in recent years.

Online bullying a huge issue for parents

The desperately sad story of 16-year-old Elle Trowbridge, who took her own life in April, exposes once again the pernicious world of cyber-bullying and the devastation caused by cruel and vicious comments.

Degrees of success for both O'Neills.

Martin O'Neill and Michael O'Neill are not related but their home areas are less than 15 miles apart, on opposite sides of the River Bann and they have each enjoyed exceptional sporting careers.

Abuse victim sends out powerful message to politicians

Despite warning of `profound and serious implications' if the political parties failed to reach a deal by last Thursday's deadline, secretary of state James Brokenshire's strategy appears to be simply allowing the talks to limp on.

Irish alarm grows over Brexit debacle

David Davis, as the UK's Brexit secretary, is at the centre of negotiations with the EU which are of crucial importance to everyone in Ireland, north and south, as well as the citizens of Britain.

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