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Alarm over south Belfast clashes

Serious sectarian confrontations have thankfully been rare in most parts of Belfast over recent years so the sustained clashes involving rival gangs of youths taking place in the south of the city deserve to be regarded with the utmost concern There will be particular alarm over suggestions that the scenes which have developed over recent days, in the vicinity of the mainly nationalist lower Ormeau Road and the strongly loyalist Donegall Pass districts, may have been coordinated through social media.

Theresa May still facing huge Brexit dilemma

When Theresa May said bluntly earlier this month that the only possible outcomes from her negotiations with the European Union were either `my deal, no deal or no Brexit,' most people on this side of the Irish Sea would readily both then and now have taken the third option.

Alarm over Donegal arson attack

There can only be enormous concern over the circumstances surrounding the arson attack on a hotel in the Co Donegal border town of Moville which was due to provide a new home for up to 100 asylum seekers.

Appalling case a warning to drunk drivers

As we approach the festive period, the seasonal warnings about the dangers of drink driving will be issued and appeals made for people to take care on the roads.

Still long road ahead on Brexit

While Theresa May has negotiated the latest hurdle in her path towards a Brexit deal, it is clear significant obstacles remain in her way with ultimate success by no means certain.

Martin O'Neill seeking a new adventure

Martin O'Neill has been an inspirational sporting figure since he first came to prominence as a young GAA star with both Derry minors and St Malachy's College in Belfast almost half a century ago.

Fitting tribute for Croke Park massacre victims

The 1920 Bloody Sunday massacre at Croke Park in Dublin, when 14 civilians were shot dead by British soldiers, is rightly regarded as one of the darkest days during a terrible period in Irish history.

Thugs behind attacks must be brought to justice

The level of brutality involved in the latest paramilitary-style attack in Derry, which left a man in his 30s with what were described as `life-changing' injuries, was nothing short of appalling.

Abuse victims deserve fair level of compensation

Just days before the collapse of the Stormont executive in January 2017, the Historical Institutional Abuse (HIA) inquiry published a harrowing report detailing the appalling treatment of children in our care system over many years.

DUP's nightmare scenario looms

It is widely believed that one of the main reasons senior DUP figures backed the Brexit side in the 2016 referendum was because they firmly believed it would be certain to lose.

Hopes for stability at the News Letter

Ireland, north and south, has a particularly diverse newspaper industry, with a range of outlets which have served their readers well over many decades.

Difficult days ahead for Theresa May

After securing the backing of most of her cabinet for the draft Brexit deal on Wednesday night, Theresa May acknowledged there would be 'difficult days ahead.

Sonny Knowles was an entertainment legend

The tributes which poured in after the death yesterday of singer Sonny Knowles at the age of 86 demonstrated that he was one of the best loved figures in Irish entertainment.

DUP's Brexit disaster

When Seamus Mallon memorably described the 1998 Good Friday Agreement as `Sunningdale for slow learners’, he neatly captured the inability of some politicians to understand stark and simple truths.

Alarm over rape case conviction levels

While the complexities involved in rape investigations have been well documented, there can only be enormous concern over the miniscule number of convictions delivered under our present structures.