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Disgraceful attack in Derry's Bogside

The incident in which a 17-year-old boy was shot by a masked gang at his home in Derry, and his mother was also assaulted, was nothing short of disgraceful.

Victims of our troubled past must not be forgotten

Anniversaries of the murderous atrocities from decades of conflict serve as a bleak reminder of the terrible suffering inflicted on families, the pain that never ends and the devastation caused to wider communities.

Massive period for Irish sport

The next five days will be among the most dramatic in our recent sporting history, with both Northern Ireland and the Republic involved in crucial World Cup play-offs and the Irish squad taking on Australia in the opening International Rules test.

Gordon Brown's cool view of DUP

Gordon Brown had extensive dealings with the main Stormont parties throughout his term of office as the UK's prime minister between 2007 and 2010.

Firm response needed to Holylands hooligans

THERE can only be enormous sympathy for the long-term residents of the Holylands area of south Belfast who have had to endure another upsurge in vandalism and general anti-social behaviour.

Health service in need of urgent reform

The failure to reach a deal on restoring the devolved institutions is profoundly disappointing for those hoping to see progress on some of the major issues affecting everyday life in Northern Ireland.

Sexual harassment scandal causes difficulties for Tory government

When the New York Times published explosive allegations of sexual misconduct in relation to Harvey Weinstein four weeks ago, few would have imagined that the fallout from that scandal would have potentially serious repercussions for the British government.

Anger over Lurgan OAP scam

It is appalling that two rogue traders were not only able to dupe a pensioner into handing over £1,000 to get the driveway of his Lurgan house power washed but also left without even starting the work.

Anger over Poleglass dissident attack

The explosive device found in west Belfast yesterday was part of an entirely evil attempt to attack police officers which also caused enormous disruption to the lives of ordinary citizens.

Sickening acts of wanton destruction need to stop

The vast majority of people will find it difficult to understand the thinking of those who set out to cause as much damage as possible to property, including a cross-community hub and the gates of a cemetery.

Pope's visit will test political maturity

The vast majority of Irish citizens, from north and south and of all traditions, will take the same strongly positive attitude towards the expected arrival of Pope Francis next year as they did towards the visit of Queen Elizabeth in 2011.

Significant ruling in Hooded Men case

The soldiers and police officers who inflicted an appalling ordeal on the so-called Hooded Men back in 1971 probably regarded themselves as untouchable.

Aging society brings benefits

Our society is changing in front of our eyes, and the most compelling trends are unconnected with our usual obsessions of politics and religion and instead linked directly to our dates of birth.

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