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Financial shortfall will mean tough decisions

News that nurses have suspended their strike action will be greeted with relief by patients and also the new health minister, who had made this issue his first priority on taking office.

Positive first steps for restored executive

As expected, the new executive has moved quickly to tackle the most pressing issue facing the re-established power-sharing administration, namely the ongoing industrial action by healthcare workers, including thousands of nurses.

Reforming health must be a shared endeavour

Boris Johnson and Leo Varadkar were at Stormont yesterday to put the seal on the restoration of a devolved administration and to enjoy a rare political success story in Northern Ireland.

Action rather than words needed at Stormont

While the opening Stormont statements at the weekend from our newly elected first and deputy first ministers, Arlene Foster and Michelle O’Neill, were measured and reasonable, both politicians will know that they are going to be judged on their actions rather than their words.

Measured approach needed to commemorations

The way in what should have been a straightforward debate on the role of the Royal Irish Constabulary and the Dublin Metropolitan Police a century ago has suddenly developed into an angry political row has been instructive.

War with Iran a frightening prospect

Both the United States and Iran are insisting they do not want a war but the wider world will be watching the unfolding crisis in the Middle East with considerable apprehension.

Mental health crisis must be tackled

The beginning of the New Year has witnessed a series of desperately sad deaths among children and young people, tragedies that have shaken local communities and brought an outpouring of grief.

Pipe bombers must be apprehended

Stephen Oreilly
LITTLE is known about the partial detonation of a pipe bomb in the garden of a family home in on Saturday.

Keep death off Irish roads

THE year was less than three hours old when a 19-year-old man died in a traffic collision near Maghera which also left a woman and two teenage boys needing hospital treatment.

Time to stand together at Stormont

AS we move into both a new decade and a fresh round of political talks at Stormont, the specific issues which need to be resolved have by this stage been comprehensively documented.

Scottish bridge project beyond bizarre

It is possible that Leo Varadkar was indulging in some seasonal good humour when he described the unlikely notion of a bridge between Ireland and Scotland as `worth examining', but it was still a highly questionable comment from the taoiseach.