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Flexibility needed over GAA rules

While the GAA is plainly entitled to insist that its facilities are primarily used for Gaelic games, the high profile dispute which has arisen in Co Donegal again indicates an unfortunate lack of flexibility in the association’s rules.

Trump can never be a normal president

The `special relationship’ is the unofficial term frequently used to described the close political, economic and historic ties which have always existed between the US and the UK.

Praise for firefighters who tackle serious gorse fires

While the record breaking temperatures have been a welcome bonus for people enjoying a break over the Easter period, the warm and dry weather has unfortunately also brought additional problems for our firefighters who have had to deal with major gorse fires.

Lyra McKee's murder shows we must reject violence once and for all

Lyra McKee was just eight years old when the Good Friday Agreement was signed, a pact that was weighted with the hope and desire that future generations would not have to experience the trauma and pain inflicted on thousands of people throughout decades of conflict.

Anger over pipe bomb attacks

Ordinary people have been finalising their plans for the Easter holiday period over recent days, while representatives from all the main political parties have been intensifying their preparations for the forthcoming district council elections.

Full restoration of Notre Dame a priority

While it has always been known that, for a variety of reasons, historic buildings can present fire risks, it has taken the appalling level of damage caused to Notre Dame in Paris to demonstrate the full scale of the threat which exists.

Firm US support for the Good Friday Agreement

Among the most ludicrous claims made by prominent figures on the Leave side before and after 2016 Brexit referendum was that the UK was facing a wonderful opportunity to create new trade pacts across the EU and other key regions.

Dramatic comeback by Tiger Woods

The rise and fall of Tiger Woods was one of the most dramatic stories in international sport, as the world’s top golfer endured a prolonged period of personal humiliation and physical trauma.

Oil tank regulations should be reviewed

AT LEAST five people, four of them children, had a lucky escape when their house went up in flames that spread from a blaze at their neighbour’s home.

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