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Gatwick drone mayhem raises serious concerns

The fact that one of the largest airports in Europe can be shut down for hours by the appearance of drones, leading to misery and disruption for tens of thousands of passengers, has to be a matter of serious concern.

May and Corbyn both under huge Brexit pressure

With Theresa May’s government stumbling from one crisis to another, it is almost impossible to predict the final outcome of her increasingly desperate attempts to manage the UK’s scheduled departure from the EU.

Disturbing series of events in Roscommon

The violent events that took place in Co Roscommon in recent days are just part of a wider set of circumstances which are rightly raising serious concerns.

Mark Morris should be allowed back to family

There will be enormous sympathy for the family of Mark Morris (43) after he was abruptly deported from his home in Dundalk, Co Louth, back to his place of birth in South Africa.

Definitive message needed over Muckamore Abbey

Since the enormous scale of the shocking abuse suffered by vulnerable patients at Muckamore Abbey hospital began to fully emerge as a result of an Irish News investigation last July, alarm among relatives and the general public has steadily increased.

Ian Paisley must be completely open about Maldives holiday

Only a matter of days after returning from a record suspension from the House of Commons, Ian Paisley once again finds himself under scrutiny over yet another lavish family holiday which he has failed to declare to parliamentary authorities.

Anger over west Belfast alert

It is appalling that hundreds of people were forced out of their homes on the outskirts of west Belfast during cold and wet weather in the run-up to Christmas because of a security alert.

Scale of Muckamore Abbey abuse demands a public inquiry

Although the confidential report into the serious mistreatment of vulnerable patients at Muckamore Abbey hospital in Co Antrim is harrowing in every respect, there will still be concerns that the complete details of the scandal have yet to be revealed.

Theresa May runs out of Brexit options

When Theresa May initially described the decision facing MPs in the much anticipated Westminster vote which had been due to take place later today as `my deal, no deal or no Brexit', she may well have sincerely believed that the first option was still achievable.