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DUP should finally speak out over Ian Paisley

The decision by Ian Paisley to share a Twitter post which likened EU Remain supporters to paedophile Jimmy Savile was another appalling piece of judgment by the North Antrim MP.

DUP trying to hold Theresa May to ransom

Whenever Theresa May signed up to a confidence and supply deal with the DUP following the Westminster election in 2017, she must have known that at some point the priorities of both sides would no longer converge.

Ashers ruling will have far-reaching implications

The protracted and costly legal process that has ended up at the UK Supreme Court has been exceptionally draining and stressful for the people at the centre of what has become known as the 'gay cake' case.

Alarm over Banbridge street attack

It is appalling that a lone woman could be the victim of a street robbery in any circumstances but a cowardly assault which takes place in broad daylight in a provincial town is particularly disturbing Police said that the woman was `extremely shaken up' after an attempt was made to steal her bag on Scarva Street in the centre of Banbridge in Co Down yesterday.

Brexit crunch period approaches

There has been a flurry of political activity as the Brexit negotiations move towards a decisive stage, with mixed messages coming from the key figures on the probability of an agreed outcome.

Serious questions about air rage case

There will be enormous sympathy for the staff and passengers on a four-hour Jet2 flight from Fuerteventura to Belfast who suffered an appalling ordeal because Co Armagh man Kevin O'Hare chose to drink heavily for a prolonged period before getting on board.

Alarm over GAA violence spreading beyond pitches

While sporadic outbreaks of on-field fighting are not unknown in a number of team sports, there can only be deep concern that two well publicised incidents in recent days have seen violence spread over GAA boundary fences and into groups of spectators.

Deep alarm over fresh Muckamore Abbey allegations

The massive challenges facing the health service in dealing with the most vulnerable members of our society have been well documented down the years, and there will be enormous sympathy with the pressures facing all the staff concerned.

Learning the lessons of 50 years ago

The 50th anniversary of the civil rights march in Duke Street, Derry on October 5, 1968, has provided an opportunity to reflect on the events of that day, regarded as pivotal in the history of the Troubles, and to assess if the lessons of that turbulent period have been learned.

Concern over search of Garda station

There can only be deep concern at yesterday's revelation that a Garda station has been searched in the Limerick area and a serving officer suspended as part of a major probe into the use of bogus insurance certificates.

Cruise ship will not solve Dublin housing crisis

The frightening scale of the homelessness crisis faced by Dublin City Council has been graphically illustrated by the serious consideration given to a proposal that a cruise ship should be acquired to ease waiting lists.

Concern at bonfire bill

Stephen Oreilly
There will be considerable alarm over the revelation that the bill for the policing operation surrounding the removal of two dangerous loyalist bonfires in east Belfast last July amounted to almost £200,000.

Priest subjected to terrifying ordeal

It is appalling that a north Belfast priest was subjected to a frightening ordeal by an intruder who broke into St Vincent de Paul church and parochial house early yesterday.

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