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Sense of desperation surrounding Theresa May

When Theresa May suggested `2019 can be the year when we put our differences aside and move forward together’, it was difficult to avoid the sense of desperation in her words.

Cash for councillors a sensitive issue

Although the proposal for a pay increase on behalf of district councillors across Northern Ireland comes at a time when the performance of all our elected representatives is under a critical spotlight , it is still an issue which deserves to be carefully considered.

Alarm over Mater Hospital attack

It is deeply alarming that a woman member of staff at Belfast’s Mater Hospital was threatened at knifepoint during an attempt to hijack her car outside the complex in the early hours of yesterday.

Jeremy Hunt's Brexit confusion

The British foreign secretary, Jeremy Hunt, has been regularly mentioned as a possible successor to Theresa May if, as widely predicted, she leaves Downing Street at some stage in 2019.

Stabbing injury very worrying

Stephen Oreilly
AT TIME of writing it has not been confirmed that those who stabbed a man in Belfast on Christmas morning used a knife.

Gatwick drone mayhem raises serious concerns

The fact that one of the largest airports in Europe can be shut down for hours by the appearance of drones, leading to misery and disruption for tens of thousands of passengers, has to be a matter of serious concern.

May and Corbyn both under huge Brexit pressure

With Theresa May’s government stumbling from one crisis to another, it is almost impossible to predict the final outcome of her increasingly desperate attempts to manage the UK’s scheduled departure from the EU.

Disturbing series of events in Roscommon

The violent events that took place in Co Roscommon in recent days are just part of a wider set of circumstances which are rightly raising serious concerns.

Mark Morris should be allowed back to family

There will be enormous sympathy for the family of Mark Morris (43) after he was abruptly deported from his home in Dundalk, Co Louth, back to his place of birth in South Africa.

Definitive message needed over Muckamore Abbey

Since the enormous scale of the shocking abuse suffered by vulnerable patients at Muckamore Abbey hospital began to fully emerge as a result of an Irish News investigation last July, alarm among relatives and the general public has steadily increased.