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Pro-EU candidates deserve poll backing

The European election taking place tomorrow is a highly unusual contest which Theresa May intended would never happen and which might yet involve the selection of MEPs who take their posts either briefly or not at all.

Defining moment for amnesty demands

THE controversy of whether British soldiers who served in Northern Ireland during the civil disturbances which began in 1969 should be prosecuted for any crimes allegedly committed in the north re-emerged at the weekend.

Safety in water paramount

Stephen Oreilly
IN JANUARY 2004 a 14-year-old boy went to the pier in Killough. Within a very short period of time he had been washed out to sea and died within sight of a multitude of people who were helpless to save him.

When politics fails, we must fall back on democracy

SINCE both the British Labour and Conservative Parties are deeply divided internally on Brexit, it was rather optimistic to believe that the two parties might reach agreement on how parliament could find a way forward on the issue.

Consistency needed in complex legacy debate

THE revelation that a man in his eighties was questioned this week about republican activities in the border area in 1959 deserves to be regarded as a significant development in the complex and sensitive debate on legacy issues.

Sectarianism still casts dark shadow

One of the great hopes associated with the 1998 Good Friday Agreement was that over a period of time it would help to ease sectarian tensions and significantly improve cross-community relations Unfortunately, while enormous political progress was plainly made in subsequent years, and in many ways life was transformed for ordinary citizens, we are still very much facing the reality of a divided society.

Second Brexit vote essential

A SECOND referendum - also referred to as a 'confirmatory ballot' or 'people's vote' - has long looked like the most sensible way out of the Brexit impasse.

Yemen deserves peace

ON SATURDAY rebel forces began to withdraw from the main port of Yemen, hopefully opening the way to an accelerated humanitarian effort to help the population which has been suffering terribly for almost five years.

New approach needed on legacy debate

There is a clear need for all those contributing to the legacy debate to take a completely measured approach, carefully consider the impact of their words and above all avoid causing offence to grieving families from any section of society.

Framework for talks long overdue

THE results of last week's council elections have been widely interpreted as an expression of voters' desire that devolution should be restored as soon as possible.

We must take care of our environment

Stephen Oreilly
A THREE year study into the state of the natural world has concluded that wildlife and habitats around the world are declining at an 'unprecedented' rate, a situation which if ignored will lead to extinction of flora and fauna.

Alliance surge has wider implications

While the basic statistics confirm that the DUP and Sinn Féin retain their position as by some distance the two largest groups, a number of other striking developments have emerged from the final results in the 2019 local government elections.

Concern over sale of Bombardier's Belfast operation

Yesterday’s announcement by the Canadian aerospace firm Bombardier that it is placing its Northern Ireland operation up for sale has major implications both for the workforce and the wider community.

Ruby's Walsh's astonishing achievements

Ruby Walsh has maintained an astonishing record as a jump jockey over the years and his retirement brings to an end one of Ireland’s most distinguished sporting careers.

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