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Donald Tusk has a point on Brexit planning

Donald Tusk is a seasoned political operator and will have known full well how his calculated insult to Brexiteers will have been received.

His comment that there will be 'a special place in hell' for those who promoted Brexit 'without even a sketch of a plan' may have been borne out of sheer exasperation at the uncertainty which has been foisted on the EU by the UK.

However, the President of the European Council should be able to rise above such intemperate displays which play straight into the hands of those who believe the EU holds an arrogant disregard for the views of the British.

He cannot be at all surprised by the avalanche of criticism that followed his remarks, although it is a bit rich for Sammy Wilson to lecture Mr Tusk - whom he branded a 'devilish Euro maniac' - on his language.

Aside from the hell remark, Mr Tusk does have a point in relation to the woeful lack of planning and foresight of those who promoted a Leave vote in the 2016 referendum.

He is correct to say that politicians who pushed for withdrawal had no idea what the full implications would be for the economy, jobs, trade, legislation and a whole host of areas.

Boris Johnson predicted Brexit would permit continued free trade and access to the single market while David Davis claimed that Britain could 'negotiate a free trade area massively bigger than the EU'.

Aside from peddling complete nonsense on trade, the border between Northern Ireland and the Republic was given scant regard, including by the DUP which campaigned for Leave.

Yet, here we are, less than two months from the withdrawal date and the main stumbling block to a deal is the border.

Those who supported, promoted and robustly campaigned for an EU withdrawal with no clear idea how to deliver it must bear some of the responsibility for the shambles of the past two years - a mess that they seem incapable of sorting out.

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