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Great that good causes will benefit from couple's lottery windfall

Fortune has certainly smiled on Patrick and Frances Connolly, the Co Armagh-based husband and wife who scooped one of the largest lottery jackpots ever won in the UK, a staggering £115 million.

Many of us wonder how we would react on discovering we had won a fortune.

According to the Connollys, they sat in silence, struggling to take in the enormity of their windfall - and the massive change it will mean for them, their children and grandchildren.

They then celebrated with a 'cup of tea and a hug' at the modest home they are renting in Moira.

At a press conference yesterday, the beaming - if still slightly stunned - couple were happy to share their joy at becoming overnight multi-millionaires.

While they are now in a position to buy all the cars, homes and luxury holidays they could possibly wish for, it was heartwarming to hear them place their focus on their friends, family and good causes.

They have already drawn up a list of 50 people whose lives are about to change for the better as the Connollys ensure their vast wealth is spread around the people who are closest to them.

Mrs Connolly said it was 'going to be so much fun' giving money away and they wanted to make a real difference to their family and friends.

The level-headed couple pointed out they already had happiness and many blessings before they won, but the money would be the 'icing on the cake'.

They now have an incredible opportunity to make some people very happy and make a positive contribution to the causes that are special to them.

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