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Holy Week reflection: Jesus sets us free from our past

WE all know how to shout out, "It's not fair."

Reading the Bible passages about how Jesus was treated during his execution makes me want to shout that.

The crucifixion was the most unfair event in history. Never was a victim so innocent. Yet, he never spoke up in his defence.

And thank God he didn't. Because now the way is open for the likes of me and you to meet God personally, now we can know what it's like to be set free from the shackles of our past.

If Jesus had shouted, "It's not fair," where would we stand today? If Jesus had reacted the way you and I probably would, there would be no good news of salvation.

The Easter story of Jesus Christ going through death and then conquering that death in His resurrection is the ultimate example of the past unlocking the future.

And all because Jesus did not stand up for His rights so that we could be set free of our past. Thank you Lord.

Rev Dr Laurence Graham

President of the Methodist Church in Ireland

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