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Shock as Muslims targeted in London van attack

The attack on a group of worshippers in north London is yet another disturbing act of violent, intolerant extremism, this time targeting Muslims near a mosque.

One man died and ten others were injured after a man driving a large van ploughed into pedestrians near Finsbury Park Mosque in the early hours of yesterday morning.

The driver of the van was said by witnesses to have shouted: "I'm going to kill Muslims'' and to have taunted the injured.

Local people apprehended the driver who was fortunate that Imam Mohammed Mahmoud stepped in to calm the situation and ensure the suspect was not hurt before police arrived.

Such an attack on the Muslim community is clearly a deeply sinister development and comes as the British government is grappling with the ever-present threat from radicalised Islamist terrorists who have brought carnage to the streets of Manchester and London in recent weeks.

Those atrocities have been widely condemned by the Muslim community in Britain who are horrified by these appalling attacks and simply wish to live in harmony with their neighbours.

Indeed, members of the Muslim community in Finsbury Park had joined with other faiths on Saturday to remember Labour MP Jo Cox, murdered by a white supremacist just a year ago.

The actions of the hate-filled extremists stands in stark contrast to the broad faith community in Kensington which came together to offer help and support to the victims and survivors of the Grenfell Tower disaster.

Fearful Muslims worried about their safety will now be asking what the British government and security services are doing to protect them from future attacks.

Theresa May's weakened administration is now facing a number of crises at once and there is a danger she no longer has the authority required to deal effectively with such serious issues.

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