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Holy Week reflection - Rev Bill Mullally: Christ gave Himself for us all on Good Friday

 Rev Bill Mullally, President of the Methodist Church in Ireland

A little girl, who was critically ill, desperately needed a blood transfusion but had a very rare blood group.

The only suitable donor who could be found was her four-year-old brother.

Her parents quietly talked to the boy, explaining that they needed him to give his blood for his sister, otherwise she would die.

The young boy thought seriously for a moment and then agreed to help.

As the transfusion progressed the little girl began to revive.

The parents squeezed the boy's hand.

"Your sister's starting to get better," they exclaimed. "You've saved your sister's life."

The boy's mouth quivered as he tried to smile, and he asked: "And - how soon will I die?"

Nobody had explained to the boy that he would still be healthy after giving blood.

He had presumed that his parents were asking him to die in his sister's place.

The motive that precedes an action is supremely important because it gives meaning and purpose to that action.

We are rescued; we belong to Him and are created to do good.

Will you allow the Saviour to transform you this Easter?

Rev Bill Mullally

President of the Methodist Church in Ireland

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