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Murder of Jo Cox is an unspeakable crime

The horrific murder of Labour MP Jo Cox is a despicable crime which has stunned her Westminster colleagues and caused deep shock in Britain and beyond.

The mother of two young children was shot and stabbed outside her constituency surgery in Birstall, West Yorkshire shortly before 1pm yesterday.

Witnesses told how her assailant was armed with a knife and a gun and attacked the defenceless 41-year-old repeatedly, leaving her lying on the pavement in a pool of blood.

There were reports that the attacker shouted `Britain first' while carrying out this terrifying onslaught.

It is not known what the motivation for this dreadful murder was or if there was an link to the EU referendum although the MP had worked on behalf of Syrian refugees and said her constituency had been enhanced by immigration.

By all accounts, she was a dedicated and caring public representative who had worked for Oxfam and the anti-slavery charity Freedom Fund before being elected last year.

In Britain, attacks on MPs are mercifully rare but this unspeakable crime will raise questions about the safety of politicians who must be able to perform their duties without fear of violence.

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