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Jim Gibney: RTE map mutilation is symptom of a partitionist mindset

Jim Gibney
The geographical mutilation of the map of Ireland, on display recently on RTE’s Late Late Show, is symptomatic of a deeper psychological malaise that insidiously pervades those institutions and the powerful class of people who run them, in the service of the southern state.

Fionnuala O Connor: Northern nationalists are in a stroppy mood

Fionnuala O Connor
Behind their own doors, what do people here really think about the nature of this state and the prospects of it changing in any major way? In the long-ago when newspapers had money, at a time like this – Brexit bubbling under, a Stormont set-up in dispute - reporters would have had a fortnight at least to find a few dozen views in the two main communities and weigh them.

William Scholes: What exactly is a Brokenshire?

William Scholes
WALKING to school the other day, my son - eight-years-old, just starting P5 and with a wonderful inability to ration his speech - went quiet just long enough for me to wonder if something was wrong.

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