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Tom Kelly: Our peace is still plagued by our terrible past

Tom Kelly
WHEN the British government finally decided to send troops into Northern Ireland in 1969, the then home secretary James Callaghan wryly said going in was the easy bit but getting out would be a totally different matter. He wasn’t wrong.

Newton Emerson: Unionists strike wrong note in response to police handling of Clyde Valley flute band

Newton Emerson
Do all unionist political parties, from the UUP to the TUV, believe Larne’s Clyde Valley flute band represents their core constituency? Do they think in a dispute between such a band and the PSNI, the bulk of the unionist electorate sides with the band? There is no sign of nuance from the parties in their reaction to last weekend’s Apprentice Boys parade in Derry, where Clydevalley turned up with Parachute Regiment and ‘F’ insignia on their uniforms.

Patrick Murphy: Sinn Féin's Westminster abstentionism will have long term consequences

Patrick Murphy
Irish men and Irish women, in the name of God and the dead generations, it appears to be your patriotic duty to remove Boris Johnson from office before he wrecks the Irish economy with a no-deal Brexit Of course, there may well be an EU-UK deal before October 31, but Johnson is politically mad enough to see himself as a latter day Churchill, prepared to fight them on the beaches and that sort of thing.

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