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Jim Gibney: Ballymurphy Massacre relatives treated with respect as inquest opens

Jim Gibney
Even though I know the general story about the massacre by the British Army of eleven people, 47 years ago in Ballymurphy, Dermott Hill and Whiterock Road - known as ‘The Ballymurphy Massacre’ - and I had heard family members speak about their harrowing experiences, there was something profoundly different sitting in courtroom number 12, in Belfast’s law courts last week at the start of the inquest into the massacre.

Patrick Murphy: SIF shows misuse of public resources for electoral gain persists

WHAT exactly is the difference between allocating a council house to a 19-year-old woman in Caledon in 1968 and allocating the Social Investment Fund's £79 million of public money, on the same basis of political favouritism, 50 years later? Sinn Féin and DUP supporters will reject any comparison between the old and the new (currently suspended) Stormont.

Newton Emerson: Inevitable Tory betrayal makes DUP look trapped and impotent

ONE day after the 2017 Westminster election and three weeks before the DUP-Conservative deal was signed, Sinn Féin president Gerry Adams called a press conference on the Falls Road to warn, or more accurately gloat, that "alliances between Ulster unionism and British unionism have always ended in tears".

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