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Newton Emerson: Lack of transparency in government crept in during direct rule

Newton Emerson
Stormont’s top mandarin David Sterling, the man who actually runs Northern Ireland, has told the RHI inquiry that civil servants “got into the habit” of not minuting meetings with ministers to frustrate Freedom of Information requests, because the DUP and Sinn Féin are “sensitive to criticism.

Alex Kane: Paying MLAs for a job they are not doing is wrong

Alex Kane
I'm always chary when it comes to popular opinion--the 'what everyone is actually thinking' line--because it's usually simplistic and ill-considered: or, as Mark Twain put it: "The trouble with generally held opinions is that they are generally wrong.

Jim Gibney: For the women of Ireland

Jim Gibney
For the women of Ireland this year’s International Women’s Day, last Thursday March 8, had a particular significance, over and above the normal celebration and recognition of women’s place in Irish society.

Tom Kelly: History may yet prove Redmond was right

AS I sat in Committee Room 10 in Westminster last week I was conscious that just down the corridor was the infamous Committee Room 15 where 44 of the 73 members of the Irish Parliamentary Party voted to remove the legendary Charles Stewart Parnell as leader following the divorce crisis.

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