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Brian Feeney: The UK is not a 'nation', despite what Theresa May says

Brian Feeney
At first sight Theresa May’s so-called ‘letter to the nation’ pleading for support for her deal is just another typically provocative and divisive use of the terminology she always chooses to describe the UK which qualifies as a nation under no definition of the word.

Newton Emerson: DUP wobbles push another form of Brexit up the agenda

Newton Emerson
With its plot to depose the prime minister in tatters the DUP has invented its own version of ‘abstaining in person’ - breaking its confidence and supply deal with the Tories in protest over the EU Withdrawal Agreement, then insisting the deal is not broken.

Alex Kane: DUP can't rely on Boris to save Arlene's bacon

Alex Kane
There are two specific commitments at the heart of the Agreement Between The Conservative And Unionist Party And The Democratic Unionist Party On Support For The Government In Parliament, jointly signed on June 26, 2017.

Jim Gibney: Ballymurphy Massacre relatives treated with respect as inquest opens

Jim Gibney
Even though I know the general story about the massacre by the British Army of eleven people, 47 years ago in Ballymurphy, Dermott Hill and Whiterock Road - known as ‘The Ballymurphy Massacre’ - and I had heard family members speak about their harrowing experiences, there was something profoundly different sitting in courtroom number 12, in Belfast’s law courts last week at the start of the inquest into the massacre.

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