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Deaglán de Bréadún: Gaeilge and Ulster Scots - or the Gulag

Deaglán de Bréadún
BEFORE the communist empire based in Moscow collapsed in ruins, there was a category of journalists and academics known as Sovietologists, who kept an eye on things for the enlightenment of people in the capitalist world.

Alex Kane: This phase of the political process is coming to an end

Alex Kane
I mentioned during a radio interview a few days ago that I thought that the present and final phase of the political process was coming to an end and that it was, “increasingly likely that the institutions, along with the Good Friday and St Andrews agreements, would come crashing to the ground.

Newton Emerson: DUP/Tory deal was key to unionist move on bonfires

Newton Emerson
Why has unionism picked this moment to show a little backbone, relatively speaking, against eleventh night bonfires? The timing is hardly propitious, with a political vacuum at Stormont around a ‘culture war’ deadlock over the Irish language.

Tom Kelly: Absence of trust is preventing restoration of the executive

Tom Kelly
The Secretary of State for Northern Ireland, aptly named Brokenshire, has been lampooned for his handling of the current round of talks and whilst he has hardly inspired public confidence with his low profile and even lower sense of authority the political impasse is not of his making.

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