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Brian Feeney: DUP/Tory deal is horribly bad for Sinn Féin

Brian Feeney
After a few hours of shocked silence from Sinn Féin on Monday Gerry Adams’s ambivalent response to the DUP-Conservative deal indicated that the party would go back into a Stormont executive, the only question was when.

Patrick Murphy: DUP look smug as they put Sinn Féin on the spot

Patrick Murphy
In political terms, yesterday's Anglo-Ulster Agreement (what else can we call it?) represented good news for the DUP, possibly offered some short-term respite for social and economic problems here and, perhaps most significantly, left Sinn Féin between a rock and a hard place.

Jim Gibney: DUP may pay a high price for supporting Tories

Jim Gibney
Almost one hundred years after the imposition of partition and the denial of national democracy to the people of this country the implications of both continue to set the political agenda for all the parties in Ireland and Britain.

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