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Jim Gibney: Irish language flying high on the airwaves thanks to Raidió Fáilte

Jim Gibney
SITTING on the fourth floor of the striking, brand-spanking new, building which is home to Raidió Fáilte and looking out its expansive window, Fergus Ó hÍr and Máire Nic Fhionnachtaigh, reflect on fifty years of struggle and progress made in establishing the Irish language as a vibrant, energetic and thriving language and its community as ambitious, talented, passionate and above all resilient.

Patrick Murphy: Democracy is hard to find

Patrick Murphy
I blame the Greeks. I mean, there we were in Ireland 2,500 years ago, getting the hang of farming, beginning to speak what became modern Irish and generally minding our own business.

Allison Morris: Westminster has failed us time and time again

Allison Morris
IF you are still tuned in to the ongoing Brexit shenanigans at Westminster, then you'll be aware I write this column in the knowledge that things could dramatically change, and probably will, before the paper makes it into print.