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Allison Morris: Voters should never be taken for granted

Allison Morris
I've lost count of the number of elections I've covered as a reporter now, the long hours and the complicated Single Transferable Vote system make them exhausting mental marathons, with a flurry of activity as each candidate makes quota.

Alex Kane: Stormont deal still a distant prospect

Alex Kane
WHEN Mary Lou McDonald was asked about the chances of a breakthrough in the talks process due to begin next week, her answer was brutally simple: "If you're asking me are we going to capitulate on behalf of citizens in the north to people who wish to hold back progress in every form, to people who do not wish to make room for others in an open democratic society, then the answer to that is no.

Brian Feeney: Wave of sentiment won't herald political deal

Brian Feeney
THE point has already been well made by others, including Fionnuala O Connor here yesterday, that Fr Magill's remarks last Thursday were a classic example of the injunction, "first cast the beam out of your own eye and then you will see clearly to cast the mote out of your brother's eye".