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William Scholes: Ecumenical matters wrapped in tentacles of doom

William Scholes
IT says something - and a not particularly complimentary something at that - about the state of theological education in Ireland that Father Ted has probably made a greater impact on the public consciousness than all the colleges and seminaries put together.

Alex Kane: What the Brexiteers really fear is a second referendum

Alex Kane
There are some interesting ideas in the European Reform Group's (ERG) 19 page document issued on Wednesday (their long-overdue response to the jibe from those in the Remain camp who say that they didn't have an alternative to Theresa May's Chequers plan).

Alex Kane: Second Brexit referendum is now unavoidable

Alex Kane
Mervyn King, former Governor of the Bank of England and, like me, on the Leave side of the EU referendum campaign in 2016, was bang on the money when he expressed his concerns earlier this week: “We haven’t had a credible bargaining position, because we hadn’t put in place measures where we could say to our colleagues in Europe, ‘Look, we’d like a free-trade deal, we think that you would probably like one too, but if we can’t agree, don’t be under any misapprehension, we have put in place the measures that would enable us to leave without one’.

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