Video: Political cartoonist Ian Knox reflects on a bewildering 2016

Ian Knox
13 December, 2016 09:45

2016 was a year of the new and not always desired. Jeremy Corbyn, Arlene Foster, Theresa May, Donald Trump...Dee Stitt.

Some of them colourful, most of them pretty frightening.  Arlene running rampant.... 

Donald Trump is the most frightning ruler I have ever had. 

I take my cue from the great Antipodean cartoonist David Low. Who was on the hitlist for Adolf Hitler because he made him seem ridiculous rather than sinister. That's the way I think to go about it.

I hope you enjoy this video and the picture gallery featuring some of my cartoons from this terrifying year. 


13 December, 2016 09:45 Cartoons

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