Celebrities are taking news of Donald Trump's impending victory very badly

Never mind breaking down voters by age, gender or race. There was one group more staunchly supportive of Hillary Clinton than anyone else: celebrities.

As the night went on, many of them were coming to terms with the realisation that things might go the other way – and they weren’t happy.

Whilst Trump supporters celebrated joyously in the streets, the majority of public figures were feeling less jubilant…

Some were choosing to stay on the positive side…

Others were finding it hard.

And the same was true for many on the other side of the pond in the UK…

Of course we can all rely on Piers Morgan for a comment.

…and a hashtag.

Like it or not, our celebrity friends might have to get used to the fact that Donald Trump is likely to be the next president of the most powerful nation on Earth.


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