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Your Club. Making A Difference

Different clubs have different challenges. Every club has their own brilliant ideas and every club solves their problems in a different way. Since we founded the Club and Volunteer Awards we have recognised many different clubs for many different initiatives.

How does your club make the difference in your parish or community? It may be culture, games, coaching. An initiative for old people or wellness programmed for the youth. It could be the Irish language or a new approach to coaching. We want to hear your stories and how your club makes a difference.

  1. Sometimes an underage initiative in the club just catches the imagination and takes off. Has your club done something different that’s making a difference for underage players?
  2. Our club is where we learn the skills and pass them on. Tell us about a coaching initiative in your club that has made a difference for your players.
  3. How do you engage with your members, your players, parents and supporters. Those connections can make all the difference. Tell us your tale of engagement and how its has made the difference.
  4. More than a club? Health, wellness, fitness. A force for good. Tell us how you do this to make the difference in your community.
  5. The Irish language. Is it a living part of your club? Tell us about your Irish language programme and how it makes the difference.
  6. Miles from home but close in spirit. Tell us about your GAA club. How is your club making a difference overseas?

Closing Date
The closing date for submission to the Irish News School, Club & Volunteer Awards is 12 noon, Thursday 20th April 2017.

Queries in relation to The Irish News School, Club & Volunteer Awards should be made in writing by email to: or by post to: The Irish News Marketing Department, 113-117 Donegall Street, Belfast BT1 2GE

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SCV Awards Date

Friday 12th May

SCV Awards Date Friday 12th May

Closing Date

Thursday 20th April

Closing date: Thursday 20th April

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Thursday 27th April

Judging Date Thursday 27th April