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Work hard, don't drink, and live a faithful life

John Laverty

John Laverty was a loving father-of-12 with a real passion for poetry.

Born in Ardigon near Killyleagh, Co Down in 1920, he lived within a few miles of his birthplace all his life.

Although not overly tall, he was a man to look up to and lived a long, happy and healthy life.

His philosophy was simple - he didn't smoke or drink, worked hard on the farm and building sites for more than 50 years, kept himself active up to his last year, and was a very faithful Catholic - living his faith to the best of his ability.

John was a dedicated father and active member of the parish of St Marys Star of the Sea, Killyleagh - he was a reader of the Word, member of the Legion of Mary and St Vincent De Paul and church collector.

He was one of the best role models for fatherhood that anyone is likely to meet.

John was a man of few words except when he spontaneously recited his poetry or burst into song, many of which were of great length.

His other passions included his family, local community and anything to do with his local heritage.

A very generous and wise person, John would never give into worry or stress and although he wasnt big into conversation you could always rely on his brief but good advice, and would leave his company feeling much happier than when you arrived.

Fear not but trust in providence he often said, and you knew when he spoke these words that he did not say them lightly - it was a firm philosophy for a good and faithful life.

John, who died on April 27, will be greatly missed by his family and wider community stretching as far as Ardglass where he spent most of his last year being very well cared for in Ardview and Kings Castle nursing homes.

Many of the staff, visitors and residents became reliant on his songs or poetry to dispel the gloom and keep everyone in a good mood and they will miss his cheerfulness greatly.

Although maybe not a great man in the eyes of the world, John Laverty was a great friend to many - a great parishioner and husband, but most of all the best father, uncle, grandfather, and great and great-great grandfather.

May his soul and the souls of all the faithful departed rest in peace.

Lives Remembered

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