Place a Family Notice

Create your notice

The Irish News provides a death and family notice service daily in our print paper and online. At the most traumatic time of life you can rely on our sensitive and caring service to help you deal with notifying friends and loved ones.

There are several types of family notice you can create:

  1. Funeral Arrangements

    Inform the public of an individual's passing. This notice will provide details of the death and funeral arrangements.

  2. Sympathy

    A notice from family and friends expressing sympathy on the death of a friend or relation.

  3. Memoriam/Anniversary

    Remembrance on anniversary date of loved ones or friends passing.

  4. Acknowledgement

    Thank those people who helped and supported you or the deceased in any way in your time of loss.

  5. Month’s Mind Mass

    Information on a remembrance mass, usually offered one month after passing.

  6. Other

    Remember special memories shared with loved ones who have since passed away. Occasions include Mother’s Day, Father’s Day and Birthday Memories.

If you prefer to speak to one of our family notices team, call 028 9033 7536 . We are open Mon–Fri 9.00am–5.30pm and Sunday 3.00pm–6.00pm. Alternatively, you can email