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Inexperienced Everest climbers impeding others and causing deadly delays

By Upendra Man Singh, Binaj Gurubacharya and Emily Schmall, Associated Press
Nepal's reluctance to limit the number of permits it issues to scale Mount Everest has contributed to dangerous overcrowding, with inexperienced climbers impeding others and causing deadly delays, seasoned mountaineers said.

Huawei accuses US of 'cynically timed' Google ban

Martyn Landi, Press Association
The US executive order leading to Google restricting Huawei's use of key software has been labelled a "cynically timed" measure to hurt China in its trade war with the US, a Huawei executive has said.

Liverpool fans scramble for flights to Madrid

Staff Reporter
LIVERPOOL fans from Northern Ireland are scrambling to book flights for the Champions League final in Madrid following their team's surprise win over Barcelona.