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President Donald Trump as documented by Ian Knox

Since Donald Trump announced his campaign to run for president of the United States, Irish News cartoonist Ian Knox has looked on with a mixture of bemusement and horror. Here are some of his top cartoons documenting the Trump era and the effect it has had both internationally and in the north

Decemer 19 2015: Tyson Fury's neanderthal views on gays and women are overshadowed by Donald Trump's views on Muslims and Mexicans. Both are up for election as sports personality and president 

July 23 2016: Enda Kenny states that "There will not be a hard border from Dundalk to Derry" at a specially convened meeting of the British-Irish Council to discuss the implications of Brexit 

 September 27 2016: Calais "jungle" to Ardoyne shops, Donald Trump'll sort it

October 18 2016: Four days after being awarded the Nobel prize in literature, Bob Dylan has yet to get in touch with the Swedish Academy, or indicate whether he will attend celebrations 

November 8 2016: America goes to the polls 

November 10 2016: Shock horror - Trump wins election on isolationist ticket 

November 11 2016: Trump wants to get the US out of the Paris Climate Agreement deal which he describes as "bad for US business" and will allow "foreign bureaucrats control over how much energy we use" 

November 23 2016: Donald Trump "appoints" Nigel Farage as British ambassador. Assembly Speaker Robin Newton admits to having given advice to Charter NI 

January 20 2017: Boris Johnson's "punishment beating" gag does not amuse many European Brexit negotiators at Davos, or make Theresa May's job any easier. Apart from Michael Flatley, Trump's inauguration ceremony is experiencing a distinct lack of offers from showbiz celebrities  

January 24 2017: Sinn Féin picks Michelle O'Neill to replace Martin McGuinness five weeks before snap elections. Donald Trump has yet to tweet

January 27 2017: Donald Trump declares his approval of torture. Theresa May flies out to visit him 

February 1 2017: Trump's Twitter activity attracts attention

February 3 2017: To those not on the far right, an unhealthy closeness has sprung up between Trump and Theresa May, The Police and flag protesters and the secretary of State and those in the armed forces he considers to be the "unbalanced" targets of Legacy litigation  

 February 18 2017: Arlene's 'The View' interview is as fact free as Donald's press conference

February 21 2018: During the DUP's bizarre, if low key election launch, Arlene Foster makes 12 mentions of Gerry Adams and one of Michelle O'Neill. There were no questions and no mention of RHI. In the USA Trump urges the public to take note of what happened in Sweden "last night". Nothing had happened 

March 17 2017: Enda successfully dances round his "racist Trump" jibes and makes an impassioned plea for the 50,000 "undocumented" non Mexican Irish who live in the US without legal permission  

May 9 2017: France elects a pro European outward looking president who had the advantage of not being Marine Le Pen 

June 3 2017: Trump pulls the US out of the Paris climate change agreement. The DUP continues to cheerlead for Brexit 

July 8 2017: G20 starts with a leaders handshake while troops clash with protesters 

August 1 2017: With Trump sackings occurring on an almost daily basis, Rory joins the game by telling J.P.Fitzgerald, his caddie of many years "You're fired"  

August 12 2017: Fake tan, fake news, fake president 

August 15 2017: "Light touch" for May and Donaldson appears to mean avoid the issue and do nothing. Trump's touch, whether for Charlottesville or North Korea continues to be anything but light  

August 30 2017: So severe is the devastation caused by Hurricane Harvey that one awaits the verdict of the Evangelicals 

September 16 2017: Bombardier announces another 95 redundancies from its northern Ireland operations. The company faces a complaint from rival firm Boeing that it has engaged in anti-competitive practices by selling the C-Series below cost in the US  

October 4 2017: Donald Trump opposes gun control even in the face of the deadly Las Vegas shooting that has left 58 people dead 

January 5 2018: Lawyers for US President Donald Trump are seeking to stop the release of a book containing damaging allegations about his administration 

January 26 2018: Lots of gushing at Davos but not much glad handing for Bombardier 

March 10 2018: O’Neill v O’Neill player poaching row rumbles on. Trump packs his bags for a friendly visit to North Korea 

March 16 2018: Mr Trump remarks that "there are two interesting borders" - one in Ireland and one in the US 

March 17 2018: The gangster in Moscow and the mad man in Washington stiffen the resolve of remoaners to make Europe work  

April 28 2018: Touchy feely signs of hope - but not everywhere  

May 8 2018: Putin is sworn in for a fourth term as Russian president. Boris Johnson urges Trump not to abandon the Iran nuclear deal on 'Fox & Friends', the president's favourite news show 

May 11 2018: Theresa May makes an inaccurate statement in the commons declaring that only people in the 'armed forces' or 'law enforcement' are being investigated over The Troubles. Donald Trump constructs his own piece of legacy theatre by staging an elaborate welcome home for three North Korean detainees 

May 15 2018: Donald Trump opens the US embassy by video link with daughter Ivanka being there in person. Netanyahu declares it "a glorious day" while more than 50 Palestinian protesters are killed and 2,400 wounded by Israeli troops 

June 12 2018: Youtube comes under fire for removing some videos from its website. Donald prepares to meet Kim 

June 13 2018: A DUP insider tells the Nolan show that their politicians are forced to pay as much as £1,000 if they break internal protocol on dealing with the press. Donald Trump claims his meeting with Kim Jong-un was "tremendous"  



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