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Dad records a tearful video about his inspirational Down's Syndrome son

A CANADIAN father's emotional tribute to his son, whose Down's Syndrome is "one of the most beautiful things that have ever happened in my life", has captured the public's imagination.

Robb Scott (39) from Nova Scotia in Canada was crying as he recorded the clip shortly after hearing another father tell his son that the condition is an "illness of not knowing anything".

Mr Scott was upset that he hadn't taken the opportunity to speak up and correct the man and share how Down's Syndrome has enriched the lives of those around five-year-old Turner.

Since he uploaded it on Facebook last Saturday it has been viewed more than one million times, with people across the world praising him for speaking out.


This is important for me to say. Excuse my emotion.Kelly Macintosh-Scott.

Posted by Robb Scott on Saturday, February 20, 2016

'I'm making this video because I feel like I need to karma-cally reset what just happened to my own soul, I guess,' he says in the video.

He had just left a local video store where he saw the man trying to explain to one of his two sons what Down's Syndrome was, after his child had picked a movie starring a baseball player with the condition.

Mr Scott said the man "wasn't trying to be mean", and he didn't know how to react.

"I didn't say anything, I'm not the type to get in people's faces and say things about it. But I heard that voice in my head say `tell him what it is'. And I didn't."

However, afterwards he said he felt that it meant he had "let that ignorance grow in another generation" and decided to make the video explaining what Down syndrome means to him, to his son, and to the rest of his family.

"Down syndrome is literally one of the most beautiful things that's ever happened in my life," he said, tearing up.

"It's fun, it's brilliant, it's kind, it's cuddly. They're great teachers, people with Down syndrome.

"It's not an illness. It's not even a disability. Just because you read slower or you don't run as fast does not mean you have a disability to me. This is what I learned from Turner. Disabilities are perception.

"I believe people are teachers and learners. We're both... A well-educated man does not have more to teach than my son. He has different things to teach, but he does not have more to teach."

"Down syndrome is the best thing that ever happened to me, but I didn't say that. I didn't step up for my son and other people with Down syndrome.

"And that was devastating to me in that moment. I just wanted to right that publicly, for myself."

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