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Who is George Chittick?

Published 03/02/2014

GEORGE Chittick last year took on the role of leading what is considered as the most hard-line section of the Orange Order.

As Belfast County Grand Master, Mr Chittick is the city's most high-profile Orangeman.

Mr Chittick was raised in the loyalist Sandy Row area and joined the Orange Order at 17.

He took on the position of worshipful master of his local lodge in 1968 and has held various roles, including deputy district master, district master and secretary.

Since being appointed Belfast County Grand Master last year, Mr Chittick has been vocal about his opposition to the Parades Commission.

On July 12 he was among a group of Orange Order leaders who staged a protest at the Parades Commission's Belfast headquarters and "denounced" the watchdog.

Later that month he spoke out ahead of a parade in the Woodvale area in protest that lodges had been banned from the Crumlin Road on July 12.

He said it was to protest at the "demeaning determination of the Parades Commission" but stressed it must be peaceful.

Mr Chittick was one of the main faces at the unveiling last September of Camp Twaddell.

He pledged his support for the loyalist so-called "civil rights camp" at the spot where Orangemen were stopped from completing a controversial parade on July 12.

He also was one of the main speakers, along with DUP minister Nelson McCausland, at an event to mark the 100th day of the Twaddell protest.

Suzanne McGonagle